Latte Da! has new location in Lincoln Hall on the quad. Photo by Allison Macey

Latte Da! has new location in Lincoln Hall on the quad. Photo by Allison Macey

Looking for a quick bite to eat or a nice cup of coffee while running around campus? Look no further. Tucked away beneath Lincoln Hall Theater is a little gem that will quell your appetite and quench your thirst, all for a reasonable price.

It’s called Latte Da! Cafe and Coffee Bar (creative, I know; I laughed a little too), and it’s becoming a new mini-hangout for those milling around Lincoln Hall — if they can find it. I had a little trouble myself the first couple of times, but circle around Lincoln Hall long enough and you’ll find it. Perhaps the aroma of freshly made coffee will draw you in; it certainly did for me!

The first time I checked the cafe out, I ordered my usual, which consists of a vanilla latte and a snack. The latte was surprisingly delightful. It was in that middle ground between “No, really, there should be foam in a latte” and “Well, I didn’t mean half a cup’s worth.” In other words, it’s just right. And it’s not too scalding hot (ahem, Starbucks), which makes it perfect for the student or faculty member on the go.

The cafe offers a wider-than-expected array of food items, and my snack consisted of a berry quinoa bar that was just enough to hold me over until lunchtime. I tried a wrap upon my second visit and wasn’t too thrilled. The wraps are rather small and unremarkable; however, they’ll do in a bind. The cafe also offers other simple sandwiches, oatmeal, big-as-your-face cookies, bottled drinks, muffins, gum, bananas and more.

The price is right too. At $3.20 for a large latte, it’s a steal. The cafe also has specials each day that make sure you get some bang for your buck.

Their “Fall Flavors” special drink menu is enticing as well. I tried the caramel apple cider, courtesy of Curtis Orchard, and loved it. The whipped cream and hint of cinnamon garnish were the perfect additions. The cafe’s current holiday drinks include peppermint black mocha, peppermint bark coffee chiller, gingerbread latte, eggnog latte and chocolate chai.

If you’re looking for something cold, the cafe’s got you covered. I tried the vanilla coffee chiller, which is essentially a less syrupy and sugary frappuccino, and again was pleasantly surprised.

Overall, I was impressed with the little cafe. It’s quick, it’s convenient, and though it doesn’t get much cell service, the Wi-Fi isn’t bad. And, of course, the coffee is superb.

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