Hey again readers. I think we can all agree that with Valentine’s Day’s recent passing, we can all use a break from any talk of love.

Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox

Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox

So for this week, I’m ready, and willing, to switch gears from my usual subject to something a little raunchier—sex. Without sounding too much like a Cosmo article, (20 mind-blowing tips for pleasing your man!!), I’m here to offer my own tips for spicing up your sex life. Everyone’s sex style is unique and it is something that takes some figuring out, so do with these tips what you will. Also, if you’ve already got sex figured out, then go on with your kinky self.

For me, a big factor of good sex is the foreplay. And that foreplay should begin before you’re even together. We live in a technological dominated society, why not take advantage of it? Yes, I’m talking about sexting. If you’re not with your significant other, send them a text to let them know that you’re thinking about them—thinking very dirty thoughts of course. And if it’s the middle of the afternoon and you’re not seeing them until later that night, let him know what you’re planning on doing to them. It’s even better if you know they’re in the middle of physics class. On a more cautionary note, be careful with any naked pictures. I’ve heard too many stories of scorned exes posting old naked pictures for the whole Internet to see. Only send them to people you 100% trust, and even then, be cautious. And if you were planning on running for President, I’d avoid it all together.

The way in which a human body can bend is amazing. Consequentially, the sex positions that two people can find themselves in are basically endless. Try every single one you can come up with, never stop trying new positions. I recently received a sex position book for Valentine’s Day. And even though some of them look tricky and others look straight up uncomfortable, I’m sure as hell going to try every single one of them.

When it comes to the ability to sext and experiment freely, finding a partner that you’re comfortable also makes everything much easier. Chemistry isn’t just romantic; it’s also very much sexual. Being with someone that you have sexual chemistry with means you’re comfortable letting loose and trying new and things that are out of the norm. And, in my opinion, it helps to have actual feelings for your partner. I’m having the best sex of my life right now and I know its because I get to have sex with both my best friend and the person I’m in love with. I know, I promised what I wouldn’t talk about love. All I’m saying is, when it comes to sex, find someone you’re comfortable with and let loose. Embrace your sexuality, find your style, and do what feels right to you.

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