When the new year rang, I knew I wanted to reinvent the column that I had been writing. Sure, I loved going to places and seeing the different things I could review, but it started to feel like a static mission that hindered on the thought of it just getting completed. I wanted my column to have the creativity and personal flare that other columns had which I looked up to. Now, my thoughts from places will still pertain to the local areas of interests, but with a more personal feel towards them this time around.

That being said, in order for me to get anywhere around campus, I need to take the local MTD buses. The people on them are always of the lively bunch; ranging from those patiently waiting for their stops, to those silently nodding their heads to an unheard rhythm, to those one frantically eating in order to squeeze in breakfast. It’s fascinating to think that each of them has a unique tale with a  proper backbone. Some faces were familiar in certain aspects, while others were fresh in the mind.

Certain times, on the harshest winter days, these past weeks, most people simply wanted to fulfill the goal of getting a seat. The slush and ice that clung to the ground, and the crowded bus stops gave more of a reason to plan a more efficient routine. More often than not, people sit down and instead of talking to those around them, they go onto their devices and block out. Usually I fall victim to the same style the others riding and mind my own business. Even if personal space is limited and the bus is behind its schedule, which is a recurring theme these past days, most like to be in their small bubble. Sometimes, I would wonder what would happen if someone would randomly burst out of their comfort zone and muster enough courage to talk to the person next to them.

Courtesy of shutterstock.com

Courtesy of shutterstock.com

Some great friendships begin that way, the clean cut  boy talks to the pretty girl who is taking a bus to a party.

I think the best part of any bus experience is that you might encounter the unexpected. Everyone has a story that is in the works and there is the possibility to glimpse that story while riding public transportation that is not there while taking personal transportation. Sure, it is easier to have a personal mode of getting to places, but honestly riding on a bus or train is a rewarding action. Being able to cross your world with someone else’s is something that can heat up these cold and static days.

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