The band with previous four-piece lineup. Used with permission by Droughts.

The band with its previous, four-piece lineup. Used with permission by Droughts.

Droughts have been making their way around the Midwest for years, touring and putting out splits with bands like Prawn, Frameworks, Kittyhawk and William Bonney. The three-piece punk band will head south from Chicago and play Skeletal Lightning Fest for the second consecutive year. We caught up with Joe Klomes (bass/vocals) and Will Seals (guitar) before their set at this weekend’s festival.

buzz: How did the band start?

Joe Klomes: Well, Will (Seals) wanted to record some demos of ideas that he had and I offered to record them. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do with them, so I took it upon myself to record vocals over them, essentially forcing my way into the band. I lived with Nick (Spiese) at the time and we asked him to play guitar.

buzz: And why the name Droughts?

Will Seals: I had names and that was the only one that stuck.

buzz: How would you describe your music to our readers that have never heard you?

JK: It sounds like we really like Thursday and These Arms are Snakes.

buzz: What should people expect at Skeletal Lightning from your set?

JK: Last year, we had a lot of technical and instrumental problems, so hopefully that doesn’t happen this year.

WS: Maybe this time around we won’t forget our songs.

buzz: Do you have any bands that you are excited to see at Skeletal Lightning?

WS: Marcy, Brighter Arrows, Coma Regalia, The Reptialian and Two Knights.

JK: Aviator, Scowler and Life in Vacuum. We would probably just list out the entire fest, because all the bands are good.

buzz: How do you keep your vocal chords healthy when primarily screaming?

JK: I take really bad care of my voice. I usually lose it on tour. When it does go out, I go on a “drink only hot tea, no dairy, talk as little as possible” routine.

WS: Even though our new songs are still in their early forms, I have a feeling there will be more melody this time. Maybe the vocals won’t be as harsh on his voice.

buzz: What have you guys been doing these days? Touring?

JK: We are finishing the writing to a full-length. We had some member changes that have slowed down writing, but fortunately we are almost there. A little while back, we did a really fun weekend with Caravels.

WS: Like Joe said, finishing up the album. Things are more conceptualized and further along than they were a few months ago. It’s exciting.

buzz: How does the song writing process work with you guys?

JK: Slow. Will usually has an idea and show it to us, and then we pull it all together.

WS: We have written a few songs together, but it isn’t as easy writing together. It is usually easier writing with just a few of us in the room. Our approach recently has been different than what it normally is.

Catch Droughts this Saturday at 4:25 p.m. during this year’s Skeletal Lightning Fest. Saturday’s show will be held at the IMC in Urbana.

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