This one is for you.

To the boy, the friend, the confidant, the crush, the support and the guidance I’ve needed, this is all for you.

I dislike the word “nice.” Every time I hear someone describe someone else as “nice” I get the shivers. Why? Because it sounds so bland, so dull, so completely ordinary. Instead of doing something unique and full of spontaneity, nice people seem to fit in the mundane flow of day to day life.

And of course, the very first day I met you, everyone called you nice.

“Oh, he’s a really nice guy. “

“He’ll always be there for his friends and give them chicken soup when they’re sick.”

“That guy goes out of his way for the people he cares about.”

“What a sweetheart!”

“He’s a real gentleman and is always taking care of others.”

Almost everyone is nice because nice is a verb for doing something good because you were taught that that is the right way to treat others. Nice is being friendly even if you don’t want to be. Nice is giving off a good impression because you don’t want to look like an arrogant asshole at a party.

So when I heard that you were nice, my reaction was:

My reaction. Image courtesy of

My reaction. Image courtesy of

Because you’re not nice.

At least, that’s not the one defining thing about you that makes everyone adore you.

Cue sappy love music. Image courtesy of

Cue sappy love music. Image courtesy of

You know how Santa Claus is like the embodiment of joy and laughter and presents and whatever? And you know how Einstein is the embodiment of intelligence, discovery and pure genius?  And Jesus is love and salvation and all that? (Weird transition, I know).

Okay, well, I think you embody love.

*cue sappy love music*

What people say about you is wrong. You don’t go out of your way to make people soup when they’re sick or bake them cakes on their birthdays because you’re NICE.

Ugh. Gross. No.

You do it because you love them.

You're Totoro because you stand with me even when you don't have to. Image courtesy of

You’re Totoro because you stand with me even when you don’t have to. Image courtesy of

Very few people are able to do what you do and feel the way you do.  And let’s not forget the many times you’ve stood by my side and endured my pain when I felt like no one else was there for me. Yes, I know I sound like an annoying stereotypical teenager who’s crying ’cause I have no friends and my parents hate me. But we’ve all been there, and sometimes being melodramatic in life is what’s normal. Regardless, even on my worst days you were there and, on the nights when I cried and the rest of the world was asleep, you came running over to find me.

I said thank you to you then, but I don’t think I can ever truly express my gratitude.

It hasn’t been easy for you and, when I think about all that you’ve gone through and all the unhappiness you’ve had to deal with while carrying my troubles and burdens, I can’t help but wonder if you truly are more than love. Dare I say it? You are unconditional love.

Again, where’s my sappy movie love music?

You’ve had your share of pain and frustration and sometimes life just throws you curve balls, but you’re an incredibly strong and resilient individual who never finds life as anything less than awesome.

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