maya2Like: Joe’s Pool

Maya Trilling
Online Editor

I’ve been feeling #blessed these days because I’ve found the perfect alternative to escaping paying for the ARC pool over the summer, and that alternative is the above-ground pool at Joe’s Brewery. It’s there when you need a break from the sweaty MNJ’s dance floor and want to take a moonlight dip, and according to folklore, if you’re lucky you may find some forgotten mozzarella sticks at the bottom if you’re hungry. Yum!

seanLike: Man Drinking Monster in Meijer

Sean Neumann
Music Editor

It’s Monday night and there’s a storm brewing in Champaign. The sky is getting dark and the winds are beginning to howl. I’m inside of a barren Meijer, checking out and ready to go home. This trip to the grocery store had been uneventful and quiet, unlike my other visits there when I witnessed a near-fist fight in the check-out aisle or when I saw a lady purposefully drive into an old man for presumably walking too slow.

As I check out my final item, something to my left catches my eye. Inside the children’s clothing section, I see quick head movements becoming visible through the size 12 pajamas. I wasn’t mistaken: It was a man drinking Monster as fast as he possibly could and looking frantically in both directions. This wasn’t John Dillinger, but in Meijer there’s a chance he could be. When he spotted me starring at him, confused, from the aisle, he immediately found a place under some children’s clothes to ditch the can and run out of the store. It doesn’t take much to make a grocery trip memorable and this did the trick. Way to go, Monster Man.

anLike: What I saw on the corner of Lincoln and Florida

Anwen Parrott
Arts & Entertainment Editor

A shirtless, long haired boy riding on a skateboard with a full sized vacuum cleaner wrapped in his arms and what appeared to be a half-eaten muffin in one hand.

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