This week is probably one of the most “all over the place” Review’s in a while, and we love it.

Elliot Smith

Continuing on a trend of what I had deemed in last week’s Round Table Review as “melancholic singer/songwriters,” Elliot Smith has logically followed up Nick Drake as my source of charming gloom. Although similar, Elliot Smith focuses less on the robust guitar play Drake is known for and in turn provides space to his whispered vocals allowing them to resonate in the ears of the listener. Smith is trusting you with his most despondent secrets and that honesty can only be revered and cherished. – Elias J. Tracy

Hannah & Maggie

[bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=762111219 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false track=601607119]

I stumbled across this song by accident on Spotify one time and I can’t stop listening to it. The two female vocalists blend incredibly well and are a refreshing change from typical folk music. The intro isn’t what you’d expect from a folk genre but don’t be fooled, the banjo in the background will remind you. – Jess Gonzalez


When I first looked at the Pygmalion line-up, sorry to say, but I didn’t know most of the bands. So this past week, I tried to listen to most of the bands as possible and I fell in love… There was so much diversity across all the bands and it really opened up my eyes (ears?) to so much more of the music world. I especially fell in love with Tycho. More than his latest album Awake, I’ve been listening to his album Dive from 2011. His music is so chill, but so compelling at the same time. – Alicia Lee

My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket were a  “go to” band for me over the summer. Even with the seasons changing, I still find myself listening to Circuital—which seems to be infinitely growing on me. My current favorite from the album is a short and catchy psych-pop song, “The Day Is Coming.” – Ricky Sniegowski

The Dirty Feathers

I just downloaded the EP last Thursday and I’ve already listened to it well over a dozen times. “Pistol Hills” has been giving me some psych-Western vibes and I’ve been digging “Blue Flame” and “Be Forewarned.” The remind me of an old Urbana band called The Leadership too. Dig them both! – Danny Stankus

Tony Molina

The former Ovens frontman’s record Dissed and Dismissed offers the same punch in the same (brief) amount of time that the prior band’s does, and “change” is anything but good when it comes to the melodic compaction of Molina’s songwriting. The “Canon Rock”-like hooks stick in your head far longer than they last in your ears and that’s the essential beauty behind each song with Tony Molina’s name on it. – Sean Neumann

Field Mouse

Brooklyn-based rockers Field Mouse released their long-awaited debut album this year and boy, they didn’t disappoint.  I’ve been a fan theirs for awhile now, and although I love their full length Hold Still Life, I can’t help but come back to their fantastic cover of the Twin Peaks theme song from an early EP. You have to admire a band that takes an already iconic theme song and turns it into a shoegaze anthem of their own. – Christine Pallon

Techno Animal

For as expansive as hip hop subgenres get, I always find myself heading down the familiar paths of all things industrial and experimental. Although Death Grips are down for the count (as far as we know), their breakup has provided the chance to check out some of the other best acts that the loosely similar genre has to offer. Techno Animal meshes together a positively messy and screwed blend of noise and eerie electronics that imperfectly suits the aggressive, throaty vocals.

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