The Xtension Chords. Photo by Paige Babilla

The Xtension Chords. Photo by Paige Babilla

Dooma dooma dooma, dooma dooma dooma.

At first, this sentence looks like complete nonsense. However, in the a cappella community, these words are very familiar territory. It’s not really a sentence at all, actually, but a line of syllables that a cappella groups choose to sing on. Not everyone is familiar with a cappella but, if you’ve seen the movie Pitch Perfect, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

An a cappella group consists of people that sing without any instrumentals: Everything comes from their voices. There are many groups on campus at the University, and the syllables “dooma dooma dooma” are notoriously associated with the song “Jessie’s Girl” performed by the all-male a cappella group, the Xtension Chords. This group has been on campus for over 20 years now, and their fall show, Xfest, never fails to impress. Come to Lincoln Hall this Friday, Nov. 7 at 7 p.m. to see the Xtension Chords. Tickets, $5 for students and $10 for adults, will be sold on the Main Quad and at the door.

At Xfest, the Xtension Chords will be performing a medley of songs from a setlist that they’ve been working on since August.

“You can expect to hear every kind of song. We like to sing different styles of music that will fit to everyone’s taste. One minute we will be singing ‘Crazy in Love’ by Beyoncé, and then we’ll throw in a little Disney riff like ‘Trashin’ the Camp’ from Tarzan. No genre is safe,” Business manager of the group Daniel Hug said.

Audience members will experience talent seen onstage as well as a sense of humor. When asked to describe the performance, Hug said: “In our shows, we obviously want to be musically entertaining, but we also love to make our audience laugh. Our humor is where people can really see our personalities up on stage, and we like to be funny as often as we can.” The Xtension Chords put on a unique show because they make sure that their audiences are having just as much fun as they are. Making people laugh is the group’s forte.

Along with some singing and dancing, the Xtension Chords will be doing a promotion at the show. Their promotion encourages any and all organizations (such as sororities, student groups and even businesses) to attend the concert, and whoever has the most in attendance will win a free performance from the Xtension Chords. The Xtension Chords have sung at many different events, including birthday parties and award ceremonies, and they even sang at the University’s homecoming pep rally. Now, they’re offering organizations a chance to hire them for free. If your organization is interested in coming to the show, they must print off the flyer and sign it upon entrance. The flyer can be found at

The Xtension Chords always put on an incredible show. This year, No Strings Attached (another University a cappella group) will be featured in the show as well. Families are able to see even more musical variety because this group heavily focuses on jazz music. Xfest has many things to offer, such as great music, many laughs and even the chance for a free performance.

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