Tables are set at Bacaro, in preparation for the evening rush of customers looking for dinner and a wide selection of wine.

A fiery glow radiates from subtly placed lamps and reflects off the table, the shine on the rim of your glass, and the sparkle in your date’s eyes. You raise shimmering vessels of a deep crimson, and the glasses make a satisfying clink off each other before rebounding, their contents trickling into cherry lips. The meticulously-chosen wine slips down your throat, and you resist the almost overpowering temptation to take ravenous gulps of the evening’s libations, instead relishing the aftertaste on your tongue as a plate of seared steak accompanied by red kale, homemade romesco sauce and confit potatoes is set before you. You and your date gaze at each other, a deep, carnal hunger visible in both of your faces as you take the first bite.

Bacaro has been selected yet again by the community as the best place to take a date in Champaign-Urbana—and for good reason.

The restaurant and wine bar’s menu varies depending on new dishes that chef Drew Starkey and owner Thad Morrow are constantly innovating with novel combinations of hand-picked, locally-grown ingredients from sources like Blue Moon farm. The dishes range in inspiration from the mountains and plains of Italy to the various American regions, and Bacaro offers either a Market Monday menu of a fixed-price set of dishes, or seperate sets of courses meticulously chosen to complement wines, all prepared with seasonal ingredients.

Looking around the establishment, it’s easy to see a design philosophy of elegant minimalism prevailing throughout bacaro, from the stylish yet sparse decor to the carefully selected yet simple ingredients in the cuisine.

bacaro presents you with the full package of excellent cuisine prepared with locally-sourced ingredients, a renowned wine selection and a perfectly crafted ambiance accentuated by sleek, polished wood and walls the same shade of velvet as the drink swirling in your glass combine to make bacaro the ideal setting for your next romantic evening on the town. 

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