The Main Quad on campus is good for many things, including playing frisbee, studying, soaking up some sun and hanging out with friends—as well as many other things. This year, the Main Quad has been voted for (drum roll, please) the best place to people watch, have your first kiss and, something a bit more interesting: having sex in public. I can understand the first kiss one because the Quad is a beautiful place to be on campus. It makes for a good memory when you think back and say, “Oh, this is where I had our first kiss.” Most people walk through the campus at least once a day, if not more, so that memory will come up and make you happy all the time. Or, you know, sad, if the relationship went sour.

I can also agree with the Main Quad being the best place to people watch because it’s a central part of campus, and there are so many interesting people at the University it makes for some “aw” moments, like when you see a couple kissing (unless you don’t like that type of thing, then it’s an “ugh” moment) or when you see a cute dog. You’ll also have some awkward moments, like when you see people dressed up in full zombie gear and makeup either after or way before Halloween. I think it’s safe to say that people watching on the Main Quad is never a fail.

But, this whole being the best place to have sex in public is a bit interesting to me. I would stray away from it because of the fact that so many people go there to just people watch. (Perhaps that is WHY people go there to people watch?). However, it could the wrong person, like a professor or a future employer, that may see the wrong thing and your life, as you know it, will be over. By the same token, if you’re daring enough to do it, you may just experience a couple minute of embarrassment. Beware of the creeps, though. They could video tape it and put that all over the internet, and your life, you know it, is over 2.0. If you take anything from this piece, maybe keep the sex in the bedroom or at least somewhere (relatively) private.

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