Customers of The Smoke Shack are never disappointed upon entering the quaint little shop located on Green Street. With a range of hookah flavors from strawberry to blue dream, illuminated glittering smoke and water pipes secured behind glass and decorating the shelves that line the walls, as well as a small side shop connected to the main area which has incense, hippie-wear, body jewelry and tapestries to deck out your space, the shack offers many options for smokers.

Smoke Shack employees add to the appeal of the establishment. They are extremely friendly, knowledgeable in pipe care and always willing to give a recommendation, welcoming newcomers and answering any questions they may have. Along with the warm atmosphere, smokers are even welcome to light up while they browse the hundreds of pieces and the many hookahs that surround them.

At times, this small shop can be overwhelming (despite its discreetness) because of the number of options they have. What sets the shop apart, however, are the snacks and individual beers that can’t be found in any other smoke shop on campus. Not only can patrons quickly pick up anything they may need, but they can also satisfy whatever cravings they have with a quick and convenient snack.

The Smoke Shack’s selection of tobacco, pipes, hookahs and many other goods are not only durable but are also well priced—so if you’re ever in need of anything, you won’t have to break the bank. The Smoke Shack, with its warm atmosphere and incredible selection for such a small shop, is an excellent place to visit for your smoking needs.

The Smoke Shack is located at 208 E. Green St. in Champaign.

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