We’re all familiar with the love-hate relationship people have with Valentine’s Day. To some, it feels as though they’re drowning underneath the lovey-dovey cards and boxes of chocolates. The best way to get back to shore, however, is to swim with the tide, not against it: You don’t need to have that special someone in order to take part in Valentine’s Day and enjoy it.
The key to a successful Valentine’s Day is to surround yourself with people you love. This could be anything from inviting some close friends over for dessert and The Notebook (or perhaps something less sappy) or having a game night. If you are interested in a bite to eat, regardless of whether you’re on a date or going with a group of friends, I would suggest grabbing a plate from Farren’s Pub and Eatery. Located on 308 N. Randolph St, this restaurant has everything from delectable salads to gloriously juicy burgers.
My point is simple: There’s nothing wrong participating in Valentine’s Day, especially if you’re with best friends and loved ones. So, go with the flow: stop drowning in the sappy cards and start enjoying the sweets that Valentine’s Day has to offer.

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