Looming is an alternative rock band from Springfield, Ill. made up of Jessica Knight, Mitch Baker, Jordan Fein and Brandon Carnes. Although they have not released anything since their self-titled EP in the fall of 2013, they have been playing shows throughout the area and plan to release a full-length album sometime this year. Carnes took a moment to speak with buzz over the phone and talk about their upcoming show at Error Records, the sound of their new album, and the positive relationship between the cities of Champaign and Springfield.

buzz: What can we expect to hear from Looming at Error Records?
Brandon Carnes: There will be a lot of material from our first EP that we put out, and we’re currently recording a full-length right now and we will be playing just a couple songs from that.

buzz: Do you want to say a little bit about the full-length that you’re recording?
BC: We’ve been working on it for a little while now. We’re recording it now. We will be putting it out on vinyl at some point this year. I guess we’re trying to make songs that are more personal than the last album and still try to incorporate some of the things like hooks and “pop” sensibility, but introduce more interesting and dynamic playing.

buzz: What do you mean by more personal?
BC: I think lyrically, and in her [Jessica Knight’s] performances, this album is really, really personal. She’s had a lot of things going on in her family, in her personal relationships, and just her current life situation. I feel like it’s translating into the songs really well.

buzz: How have you noticed the sound of the band progressing since the last album?
BC: I would say that this album, not necessarily as a whole, but at times gets a lot darker than the first album. I mean, it’s not by any means a “dark” sounding album, but there is a much more somber element to some of the songs. Personally, as the drummer, I have been drawing a lot of influence from math rock and technically drumming oriented bands so there’s definitely some more interesting drumming on this album. We’re really trying to make the most of the dynamic element of the songs.

buzz: I also saw that you guys did a cover of “Zombies” by The Cranberries. How did that idea come about?
BC: Well, we talk a lot as a band and a few months ago, Jess threw out the idea if we ever wanted to do a song just for fun. Last year we did a cover of “Peaches” by The Presidents Of The United States Of America for the Kuloolu Records compilation out of Champaign. We’ve got a big show coming up in Springfield on March 25 with Screaming Females, Shellshag, and Kowabunga! Kid and the idea was to do the recording of the song to give to people who pre-order tickets to the show. As of now that’s really the only way to get the full version of the song. For the most part it was just a really fun idea and now we actually have a purpose for it.

buzz: How big of a show is that going to be?
BC: We hope it’s as big as we can make it. The Screaming Females are a pretty widely revered and renowned band, so hopefully we can convince them that it’s worth their while to stop back in these funny little Midwestern towns more often.

buzz: After the album, is Looming going to be touring more often?
BC: Yeah, we recently just bought a van and we’re hoping, once the album comes out, we’re going to be doing some touring when we’re able and as much as we’re able. At this point it’s hard to tell exactly what we will be capable of, but we’re putting as much energy as we can into being able to tour and tour responsibly.

buzz: Are you going to try to tour further outside of Springfield and Champaign or keep it close by?
BC: I’d love to go anywhere they’ll have us. I think it’s really cool that there’s a pretty positive relationship between the Champaign music scene and the Springfield music scene right now. We have tons of Champaign bands come here [Springfield] all the time and kids come to shows in Springfield from Champaign. I also play in a hardcore band called Diaper Rash and we played at Dingbat Dungeon a few weeks ago. It seems like there are just tons of people going back and forth. There is obviously the relationship between Error Records and Dumb Records. The intercity relationship is really cool right now and I think it’s helping to really grow our community on both sides of the highway.

Catch Looming perform Sunday night at Error Records. The doors open at 7:30 p.m. and the show costs $5.

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