The word ‘recital’ has a connotation reminiscent of a reluctant kid forced into playing piano in a dry church or a teacher’s studio. Perhaps the word ‘showcase’ is more appropriate given the amount of personality and dedication these performances require.

Not many people know that showcases are required junior or senior year for all music majors. These performances are free and are constantly happening all over campus, offering a mix of cutting edge and easy listening tunes to relax to.

Percussionists have a very unique perspective on recitals as they have many options to choose from. Justin Peters, senior percussionist and drummer in Feral States, is preparing for his upcoming senior recital and his future career as a percussionist.

Justin has been preparing his repertoire since the summer.

“The preparation has been constant since then”, said Peters.

His 20th century program consists of solos on marimbas with Thai-Chi like gestures, multiple drums, timpanis, snares with electronics, wood block and a world premiere piece on vibraphone, commissioned by Peters.

This 20th century program Peters chose reflects upon the strong connection the School of Music has with modern music.

“We have the first electronic music studio in the University. There is a lot of history with the electronic music here,” Peters said. “We have a faculty that is very much involved in new music. Carlos Carrillo and Sever Tipei are fairly well known modern composers. People study with them and take on their qualities.”

This versatile performance is one meant to be shared with a variety of folks. Peters’ goal is to attract someone who normally wouldn’t go to a school of music recital.

“I truly think the music being played you can connect with it, and that this program can spark an interest in classical music and new music”.

Justin Peters’ senior recital is Saturday, April 11th at 5 PM in the Smith Recital Hall.

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