In the Food & Drink section, we’re all passionate about good eats. From healthy, homemade cooking to visiting the latest restaurants in town, we’re always up for trying something new – or sticking with our favorite go-to dishes. In our new weekly column, we’ll provide updates on what our tastebuds have been up to, sharing everything from favorite recipes to new culinary discoveries. So without further adieu…introducing Weekly Eats!

Madeline – No matter how many restaurants I visit, nothing will ever beat my mom’s cooking. When I visited home over the weekend, she whipped up some of her famous hot fudge sauce. She throws together unsweetened baking chocolate, sugar, butter, evaporated milk, vanilla and a pinch of salt on the stove. It’s great served warm over ice cream, but I prefer just eating it straight with a spoon!

Leila – My favorite go-to meal is homemade burrito bowls. I make brown rice, toss it with some black beans, corn and cheese and top it off with sriracha sauce. If I’m super hungry I’ll add a fried egg to the mix or even some diced sweet potato. It’s easy to make a batch for the week, and my tastebuds are never disappointed.

Monique – No matter how many time I eat fried pickles from Buffalo Wild Wings, I really just can’t get enough of them. Every single time I have them, they are simply fried to perfection. To top that off, they come with a delicious southwest ranch sauce. Fried pickles are definitely my favorite, and most of the time the only thing I order when I go to Buffalo Wild Wings.

Shruti – Over the weekend I was fortunate enough to indulge in Miga’s 3 Layer Chicken Roulade. The dish was incredibly refined, incorporating perfectly seared chicken medallions, piquant chili glace, creamy potato puree and earthy fried mushrooms into one cohesive bite. The medallions were especially unique as they were composed of white meat, thigh and an herb filled ground chicken mixture. Overall, my meal at Miga proved to be a mouthwatering standout.

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