Facemasks: The Fab Four

Smooth skin is easier to achieve than you think!

When you think skin care essentials, facemasks are more of a luxury item. A good moisturizer and hydrating eye cream are necessities. Especially for those with problematic skin, you’d probably rather spend your money on an acne-banishing system before a facemask. Let’s face it (literally); they only stay on your face for a few minutes, so how much could they really do? After testing out some for myself, I found some great affordable options for any skin care concern ranging from dry skin to blemish-prone skin.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. Yes, overnight! Looks like facemasks actually can stay on your face to work their magic longer. For dry skin, use a dime size amount and spread across your face and neck before bedtime. It smells heavenly, and you will seriously wake up with dewy, moisturized skin. Tissue off any excess in the morning, and you’ll be naturally glowing all day. This mask is also great for traveling! The air in an airplane can really dry out your skin, so using this while on the plane can help keep your skin hydrated throughout the flight. Plus, it’s a clear formula, so you’ll blend in just fine!

The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask. This guy’s cool feature comes its warming technology. Formulated to warm the skin when blended in, you can really feel it working as your skin gets hotter in order to open up your pores. Anyone with combination skin looking for a deep cleanse and conditioning with kaolin clay, ginger and cinnamon oils, this mask will deliver beautiful results.

Reviva Labs Problem Skin Mask. Whenever I’m dealing with blemishes, this has been my go-to, my life savor and the one product I trust to give me clearer skin and fight the acne in a timely manner. If oily and acne-prone skin describes you, this is an incredibly affordable mask that will deep clean your skin and dry out acne. Reviva Labs is a natural skin care brand, and this product is formulated with Dead Sea ingredients from Israel. Leave on for 20 minutes, and you can feel the tingling sensation, which just means it’s working!

The Face Shop Real Nature Mask. Asian skincare has always been far more advanced with products than the states. If you’ve ever heard of sheet masks, they are very thin masks that almost look like a wet paper towel with cut outs for the eyes and mouth. You will definitely look like a ghost while wearing it, but it’s jam-packed with nutrients for your skin to soak up. The nice thing about these is that they are all natural and made for various skin types, so you can choose which type best fits your needs. I got them from an Asian beauty supply store, but they’re easily attainable online! Best part? Only $2!

Figure out what skin type best describes you and then search for products that will best fit your needs. Facemasks can be super helpful as long as you’re using products with ingredients that work well with your skin, and sometimes, that involves testing different things out. Don’t be afraid to ask for a sample first. Sephora is very generous about that. These super affordable luxury items have proven themselves as necessities in my skin care regime for a super smooth complexion.

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