The buzz Movies and TV staff take a look back at some of their favorite theme songs from TV shows back in the day.

Jamie Hann:

The Friends theme song was my motivational juice during dark days. It made for a quick and simple sing-along when watching, and a great rainy-day song on the way to a Monday morning 8AM class. During season eight, the TV show cut the theme song in half, severely traumatizing the viewer’s karaoke experience. Once, in high school, I made the Friends theme song my ringtone. I was so proud of it that I let the entire song ring, twice, while my mother called me. Worth the lecture I got afterwards.

Josh Peterson:  My mom hated when me and my siblings used to watch TV, so she would try to compromise by only letting us watch Disney Chanel shows.  Little did she know that we were 100% fine with that.

This song was my jam when I was 11.  I loved it so much that I learned how to play it on guitar in high school and I’m not even kind of embarrassed by that fact.  It makes me wish that the shows I watched now had fun little theme songs.  Couldn’t you see Don and Peggy doing the Zach and Cody handshake?  Wouldn’t that be the most beautiful thing that’s ever happened?  Matthew, can that be how it all ends in two weeks?  Please? Matthew??

Carly Smith:

Da Da Dadum
*snap snap *
Da Da Dadum
* snap snap *
Da Da Dadum, Da Da Dadum, Da Da Dadum
* snap snap *  

Perhaps one of the weirdest and most recognizable takes on a sitcom from the mid-sixties, The Addams Family lives on as a seminal cult-classic with an immediately recognizable theme song. Written by longtime Hollywood composer with a super cool name, Vic Mizzy, the song never hit the national charts between 1964 and 1966 when the show aired, but the tune is perhaps one of the most remembered and recognizable sitcom themes of all time. There’s something so culty and spectacular about his almost-rhymes that we have no choice but to love the song and happily hum it to ourselves, complete with snaps and sound effects, on the reg.

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