Artist: The Autocorrect
Album: Archived Meeting Minutes, Vol. One
Release Date: May 22, 2015 (Bandcamp)
buzz Factor: 3.5/5

Local alt-rockers The Autocorrect have been sharing their space rock jams while making a name for themselves in Champaign-Urbana since February 2013. On May 22 the group released a 16 and-a-half minute album, Archived Meeting Minutes, Vol. One, consisting of only 3 tracks.

What immediately stands out on this release is the unraveling of each song’s many layers. Each form morphed into new textural sections – ranging from guitar interludes to solos to melodic vocal breaks.

Touching topics of one-sided love, the album starts off with ‘National Security Love Letter’ – the ‘spaciest’ track on the album. The 7-minute track enables this tune to diligently evolve into synth driven, space atmosphere with a hint of 90s slap bass. One weakness is that the vocals aren’t always clear – they tend to be muffled, making the lyrics hard to interpret.

‘Cupertino’ is the second track, centering mostly around gritty bass and guitar solos. ‘Cupertino’ represents a darker side of The Autocorrect, proving that the group has a large range of emotions and sounds to work with.

Although this release is strong, the ideal setting for The Autocorrect’s music would be a live performance. Stand-out moments on Archived Meeting Minutes, such as the 2-minute guitar solo at the end of the last track, ‘Time Head’, my attention would be even greater in a high-energy, live concert setting. Still, Archived Meeting Minutes, Vol. One is a solid effort, and The Autocorrect will no doubt be an act to watch out for in the C-U area.

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