All hell broke loose this week on the season finale of “Fear the Walking Dead,” when the dead finally took over and forced our group to go on the run. “The Good Man” was by far the best episode of the initial season, featuring more action than all the previous episodes combined. The characters were faced with many life or death decisions and we got a sense of where the next season is headed in the final minutes of the episode.

The episode started with a decision on whether or not to kill the army soldier that the group took hostage last episode. The group ends up deciding to take the soldier with them as he could be further use for them on their quest to get Nick and Liza back from the medical compound. The soldier pleads with Travis to let him go, which Travis agrees to in exchange for the exact locations of Liza and Nick. This would come back to haunt Travis later on in the episode and only adds fuel to his frustrating character.

The biggest badass moment of the season came as Daniel walked up to the medical compounds north entrance, telling the soldiers they should save their ammunition. The camera then pans up and reveals thousands of infected walking straight for the compound entrance. The ensuing panic opens up an opportunity for the group to slip into the compound undetected.  Once things start to unravel in the compound Strand and Nick make their escape from the holding cells, only to be trapped in a hallway with infected quickly closing in on them.

The evacuation helicopter that arrived to pick up the medical patients and nurses realized that the situation was quickly getting out of control and end up leaving, much to the dismay of the compound’s doctor. The doctor kills the remaining patients instead of letting them turn into the infected and then eventually herself as she does not think there is anywhere to go anymore. This sentiment was shared in the beginning season of “The Walking Dead” when the doctor of the CDC chooses to remain behind and die in the lab explosion.

The group eventually find and rescue Nick and Strand and make their way through the compound, back to where they left their parked vehicles ready to make their escape. The compound falls to the mass of infected and most of the military are killed as they don’t have the numbers to hold the infected off. The group is surprised when the military soldier that Travis released early in the episode shows up with a gun pointed at Daniel. After some tense silence Ophelia is shot and Travis proceeds to punch the soldier into a bloody pulp before being stopped by Madison. This was a sign that Travis is finally moving forward as a character instead of constantly believing that being civilized will make everything okay.

With no one from the main group being killed in the finale so far, as Ophelia survived the gunshot wound, I figured something would happen in the final part of the episode. The group made their way around Los Angeles to the coastal house owned by Strand, who revealed his big plan to get to his yacht Abigail. Once all the characters got comfortable at the mansion Liza disappeared, with Madison in hot pursuit to see what was going on. Liza ended up revealing that she had been bitten during their escape from the medical compound and knew that she would have to die to stop from being turned into a walker. This would end up being another turning point for Travis as he ends up being the one to shoot his ex-wife to prevent her from going through the infection.

The episode ended with a montage of the different characters going through various emotions after they find out what happened to Liza and then finishing with a continued shot over the water. The plan from Strand and the reveal of Abigail being a yacht leads viewers to believe that next season the group will take to the seas to combat the walkers that are taking over the land.

The initial season of “Fear the Walking Dead” was definitely a success but didn’t live up to the lofty expectations set by the main series. The lack of action in the first half of the season made the pace start off slow and it really didn’t build until the last couple of episodes. The character development really shone as the main group was the focus of most of the episodes, while the walkers were pushed to a backup role until the end. Daniel was the character that I thought brought the most to the table as he made the decisions that needed to be made to get their people back. Travis was the most frustrating character, because he was built up as the leader in the first episode only to have him regress each following episode.

With “The Walking Dead” returning next week, this series is put on the backburner until they decide when to begin shooting season 2.

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