All hell broke loose for the citizens of Alexandria this week with the surprising arrival of the Wolves. “JSS” was one of the most action-filled episodes of the entire series, offering non-stop chaos with some unexpected moments. The episode featured the second string players in Alexandria as the main group was dealing with the walker herd from last week.

The character that was most integral and impressive this weekend had to be, without a doubt, Carol. Carol started the episode acting as the Suzy homemaker that she has pretended to be since arriving at Alexandria. That façade ended when she witnessed one of her “friends” die, by a machete-wielding person, much to her shock. I was disappointed with how little Rosita and Maggie were used because they were both shown looking like they were going to fight the Wolves, but neither of them actually did any warfare in the episode. Aaron even got into the action, shooting and killing one of the Wolves.

The trailer from last week led us to believe that the horde of walkers were the ones that were going to bring chaos to Alexandria but it turned out to be a different threat. The Wolves attacked fast and furiously upon the unsuspecting citizens of Alexandria, butchering anyone that was out in the open. With the people of Alexandria unable to defend themselves, it fell upon Carol, Rosita and Morgan to defend the town. There were many casualties before the threat of the Wolves was realized, but Carol and her group found out the Wolves had no guns.

The origin of the horn was discovered in this episode when the Wolves were trying to ram a semi-truck through the walls of Alexandria. The driver was shot and unfortunately landed on the horn as he died and got stuck there. Morgan was able to get the walker off of the horn, which will hopefully allow Rick and company to salvage their plan and lead the walker horde away from Alexandria.

The Wolves are dispatched by Carol at a rapid pace but not without controversy as her views on killing are in stark contrast to those of Morgan. Morgan doesn’t want to kill people and thinks everyone is redeemable, which one could say caused this problem as he allowed the Wolves’ leaders to live last season. The two characters have words with each other multiple times in the episode with Carol’s view perhaps winning out at the end when Morgan seemingly kills a member of the Wolves.

Carl was tasked with protecting Judith during the Wolves invasion so he was mostly sidelined, but he killed a Wolf trying to attack a townsperson. Enid, who was with Carl at the time, decided to leave Alexandria and we aren’t sure if she is going to be back or not. Her past before arriving at Alexandria was shown at the beginning of the episode which showed the struggle and her creating of the phrase “Just Survive Somehow.” She left a note for Carl with that phrase when she left so I am guessing that she will be back at some point as her character didn’t really have a main purpose.

The preview for next week showed another dire situation: Rick and the townspeople trying to move the walker horde away from Alexandria appear in over their heads. Since the horn made the line of walkers deviate from their course the people must do what they can to either kill the zombies or get them back on their way away from Alexandria.

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