Music is a powerful thing because it makes us feel so many different emotions. There are certain songs or artists that elicit joy or sadness or anger. That is one of the most unique and beautiful things about music – talented artists are able to touch everyone of us in our own way.  To celebrate the power of music, the buzz music staff has put together a weekly column with songs that remind us of certain emotions and this week we’re all feeling happy!

This song makes me think I just bumbled across some once-vinyl-classic, but this Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong cover is done true justice by the artists of our time. Besides having non-crackly voices, Tony Bennett and Lagy Gaga keep the mood light and set the dinner party mood, as they relish in their brushing of faces. Certainly a surprise, but completely worth the listen if one is in the market for an old house with fresh paint.  – Jess Peterson

Simon and Garfunkel exemplify the perfect example of a “Feelin’ Groovy” song, with their hit single, “Feelin’ Groovy”. However, I am not going to write about that since it would be too easy, but if you’d like a throwback tune, definitely pull it up on YouTube. Puzzle Pieces by Saint Motel is a song that makes me feel “groovy”. I may be biased since this song is heavily lead by piano (my main instrument), but I want to dance to it every time. Saint Motel is a pretty groovy band; so after you look up this song (or revisit it) have a listen to the rest of their album, Voyeur. – Molly Blazier

While possibly a throwback to the 7th grade, “What You Know” by Two Door Cinema Club remains the perfect song to jam to in the shower just because life is good and the sun is shining. Even if it is a cloudy day, nothing can stop the power of the catchy and prevailing guitar rift that fits nicely with a car full of friends or a solo dance party.  – Sami Toal

Looking to add more pep to your step as you strut down the Quad? Give Twin Peaks a try. Listening to them has the equivalent effect of your morning Cup of Joe. The Chicago rock n’ roll band radiates a unique charisma that will perk up anyone. They’re soothing to listen to when they keep it cool and slow, but the band has such genuine energy when they speed things up and get rowdy. They’re one of the few groups I’ve seen live where you can tell every member is having an absolute blast onstage. Twin Peaks’ goofy, slick groove will force you into a good mood. Listen to “Making Breakfast” and try not to bob your head. Do it. I dare you. – Jack Kelly

Grouplove is my go-to happy band. The upbeat and positive nature of the music makes me smile no matter what mood I’m in. One of my best memories from high school is singing and dancing with my friends at Grouplove’s Lollapalooza set in 2014, and whenever I hear their music it always takes me back to that beautiful Chicago day. The youthful energy the group puts into songs such as “Tongue Tied,” “Colours,” “Spun,” “Ways To Go,” and “I’m With You” makes me want to sing, dance, laugh, and ultimately never grow up. “It’s the colors you have, no need to be sad, it really ain’t that bad.”- Anika Nims

This feel good song, Nelly, has kept me in a non-agitated mood on a stressful week of exams.  It has a sound reminiscent of some of the slower, singing, Isaiah Rashad songs from his breakout LP Cilvia. I found myself singing the first line of the chorus, “We can’t be no number one, but we can be the jam” in pretty much every place I sat in, until I binge listened to the song on repeat. I still do it. Not sorry. – Wendell Thomas

A simple reminder of my blessings with some yelling English dudes and big distorted guitars.. I don’t think I know a single other Frank Turner song and that’s okay by me. – Matt Smith

There is only one song that seems to make me the happiest whenever I need a pick me up and that is “All My Friends” by LCD Soundsystem.  This song gives me strength when I need it most and always makes me feel like I can conquer whatever I set my mind to. It is something about the driving bass combined with his playful lyrics; I can never get enough of this song, it will always make me happy. – Caroline Kalkowski

For me, this song doesn’t make me happy because of the music itself. Alison Krauss’s “The Lucky One” was one of the many country/bluegrass songs I grew up on. My mom loved Alison Krauss and I, by proxy, did too. Listening to her music, particularly this song, reminds me of being a kid discovering music for the first time and falling in love with it. – Christine Pallon

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