The Zoom plot was mostly in the background this week in “Family of Rogues” as the Snart family took center stage. Captain Cold’s days may be numbered as a villain in the Flash as he will be in the new “Legends of Tomorrow” series as one of the main characters. A big breakthrough happened regarding the wormhole found in STAR Labs.

In the beginning of the episode, Lisa Snart asks Barry and the STAR Labs crew for help as she believes that her brother Captain Cold was kidnapped during one of their recent robberies. Cisco, being the one that seemingly has a crush on Lisa, convinces the team to help her and find Leonard. After pinpointing the cold gun Barry rushes to the location, only to find Leonard working a job with his father.

Returning to Lisa and asking about the situation, he learns that the Snart father has planted a bomb in the Snart daughter and is using this to make Leonard work with him. Barry comes up with the idea to join the robbery to try and help Leonard in the situation while Cisco works on a way to extract the bomb from Lisa.

While all of the Snart family business is going on, there are several subplots that take place throughout the episode. Jay Garrick and Caitlin Snow worked on allowing Garrick to go through the wormhole back to his earth. The pair was successful in doing so but convinced Garrick to stay with them to help train Barry for his upcoming battles with Zoom.

Joe grappled with the choice of telling Iris about her mother returning and wanting to see her, or keeping her away from Iris. After talking it over with Barry, Joe decides to tell Iris the truth about what happened when she was a child and let Iris decide whether to see her mother again or not. Iris takes the news well and understands why Joe told her that her mother died.

Professor Stein has more complications this week although he initially thought he was fully healed last week. The professor burst into flames, which went from blue to the usual red, and then collapsed while the flames went out. Looking at the preview for next week’s episode it seems to be centered around finding a match for Professor Stein to make Firestorm again.

The Snart father and son robbery goes well until Barry is “shot” after finishing his part of the plan. Barry eventually reemerges unhurt after catching the bullet and confronts the Snarts as the Flash, trying to stall until Cisco can get the bomb out of Lisa. Cisco ends up being successfully removing the bomb which leads to Leonard killing his father for threatening to kill Lisa.

Barry goes to the prison and talks to Leonard, telling him that he thinks Leonard would do well as a hero. Leonard quickly rebuffs this and claims that will never happen and that he will be out of prison soon enough. This was clearly a set up to “Legends of Tomorrow” where Leonard will be a hero for the group.

The end of episode reveals featured Harrison Wells coming through the wormhole in STAR Labs. He appears to have a menacing look on this face and hopefully we will learn more about him coming from Earth-2 in next week’s episode. It will be nice to have Tom Cavanagh back on the show as Harrison Wells.

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