Supernatural has had many memorable villains throughout the series 11 seasons, so I decided to rank my top 5 monsters that have appeared in past episodes. Demons and specific villains such as Lucifer and Crowley are not featured because I do not consider them monsters in the traditional sense. Here is my list starting at the top…

5. Wendigo

These horrifying creatures have been seen most recently in the video game “Until Dawn,” and have made a couple appearances on Supernatural. Wendigos are tall, pale green skinned monsters that prey on humans to feast on. They have super speed, agility, and strength and are able to mimic a person’s voice to lure unsuspecting prey. Fire is the main way to kill these creatures but Anasazi symbols are used to ward the Wendigos away. The Wendigo can be seen in season 1.

4. Rugaru

These monsters start out as humans until a genetic mutation triggers the beginning of the transformation. The transformation makes the person crave meat, even putting humans on the menu. One bite of human flesh completes the transformation which includes wormy skin, rotting teeth and black eyes. The Rugaru, when fully transformed, gain super speed, strength, agility, senses, and are invulnerable to most weapons. The easiest way to kill a Rugaru is to immolate it as normal weapons have no effect. The Rugaru can be seen in seasons 2 and 8.

3. Ghouls

The Winchester brothers found out they had another brother thanks in part to a ghoul encounter. In season 4, ghouls attacked and killed Sam and Dean’s long lost brother Adam and his mom and took their place. Feast on human flesh and are able to transform into anyone that they feed on. This is how the ghouls are able to impersonate Adam and his mom. The ghouls possess super speed and super strength, making it easy to overpower their prey. To kill a ghoul, decapitation is necessary or the destruction of the head. Ghouls can also be seen in season 6.

2.  Djinn

Djinn are humanoid creatures that poison their prey which puts them in a coma like state. In this state, the victim is able to live out their fantasies all while the Djinn feeds on their blood. This is a slow process that Dean has experienced in the series before eventually being saved by Sam. The Djinn appear as humans but have glowing blue eyes and tattoos covering their skin. When the Djinn attack their target they have the ability to knock them unconscious with a power from their hands which glow blue like their eyes. Silver and Lamb’s blood are recommended to kill a Djinn as the most effective method. The Djinn make appearances in seasons 2, 6 and 8.

1. Jefferson Starships

The Jefferson Starships were a new breed of monster created by Eve to be the perfect monster. These creatures were a mix of vampires, wraiths, and could shapeshift. Since these creatures were a new breed, Dean named them Jefferson Starships as he was the first person to encounter them. They possess enhanced strength, agility, and speed. The Jefferson Starships were wiped out by Castiel in episode 19 of season six.

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