Episode 4

The Flash has been on a hot streak with its new season and continued that way with “The Fury of Firestorm.” Last week we saw Professor Stein’s condition worsen and him spontaneously combust into blue flames. This episode was focused on evaluating what happened to Professor Stein and the STAR Labs team’s efforts to save his life.

After careful analysis by Caitlin Snow, it was revealed that Professor Stein’s body was becoming unstable without the other half of Firestorm. While Caitlin was figuring out possible candidates to merge with Professor Stein, Cisco created a cane using Eobard Thawne’s power source to energize Stein for the time being. Caitlin ended up finding two potential matches for Stein, one a scientist and the other a former high school football star.

Caitlin decided the best candidate was the scientist Henry Hewitt and begins the process of merging him and Stein. The merging doesn’t fully occur and Hewitt was shown developing powers after the failed attempt. The STAR Labs team convince Jefferson Jackson that although he was not a football star anymore, he could be a hero and save the world.

Henry Hewitt killed his boss with his newfound powers and was determined to unleash them on the STAR Labs team after the failed merger. After learning of the foe that needed to be stopped, Jackson agreed to merge with Stein and the two recreated the Firestorm, teaming up with Barry to take on Hewitt. The two heroes made Hewitt exhaust his powers and were able to defeat him. The new Firestorm then jetted off to hone their renewed power and most likely to join the cast of “Legends of Tomorrow.”

The reveals throughout the episode were fantastic, starting with Iris finding out she has a long lost brother. The brother is most likely going be Wally West who has been stated to be joining the cast this season. The final two reveals dealt with an incredible use of CGI to create Manshark, who promptly beat Barry up in the final minutes of the show.

Harrison Wells showed up to save Barry from the Manshark and finally rejoined the show as a series regular. Harrison Wells from Earth-2 seemed to be on Barry’s side but his true intentions remain to be seen. More information should be shown in the next episode and feature Wells in a major role.

Episode 5

The reveals made it to center stage this week in “The Darkness and the Light” as the STARS Lab team came face-to-face with their old mentor. The Wells that came from Earth-2 was not like the one that we came to love and hate from season one. Wells was greeted very coldly by everyone he encountered, but merely shrugged it off because he had a mission.

The next villain to come from Earth-2 arrived and was confronted by Barry while she is robbing a bank. After the villain escaped, Wells came up with a plan to capture the villain and use her to lure Zoom so that Barry could finally fight him. The second encounter with Doctor Light went awry when Barry learned that she was Linda Park from Earth-2 and hesitated, which gave Doctor Light the distraction she needed to blind him and escape.

The defeat by Doctor Light set tensions higher as Jay Garrick confronted Wells about his plan and insistence on luring Zoom to fight Barry. The two fought and Garrick eventually left due to his reluctance to trust Wells and his plan. Wells also revealed that Cisco had abilities, much to Cisco’s dismay as he was trying to keep it a secret for now.

Using Cisco’s abilities, the STAR Labs team was able to locate Doctor Light and begin the attempt to capture her. Barry was able to defeat Doctor Light and capture her after Wells explained to him how to create a speed mirage, making numerous copies of Barry, using his speed. The speed mirage was first seen last season, by the Reverse Flash, which brought back memories to the team.

Wells’ true intentions were revealed at the end of the episode when it was shown that his daughter is being held captive by Zoom. Wells also revealed that he was the reason that Zoom was created when the particle accelerator exploded on Earth-2.

There are some funny moments in the episode, especially when Barry is blind and goes on a date with Patty Spivot. Cisco used a camera in glasses to direct Barry and be his eyes, which led to some entertaining moments. Picking out Cisco’s superhero name was also fun as Barry was the winner with Vibe. Cisco also attempts to ask out a cashier at the Jitters coffeeshop which was a good introduction for the Hawkgirl character that is joining “Legends of Tomorrow.”

The preview for next week shows that the STAR Labs team puts Harrison Wells’ plan, to set up a showdown with Zoom, to the test. Whether or not Barry will be ready to take on the villainous Zoom remains to be seen as even the Reverse Flash pales in comparison to Zoom’s speed.

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