This BCU’s winner for Best Delivery is the sandwich shop Jimmy John’s. Jimmy John’s is widely known for being a popular lunch location due to its large, tasty portions at affordable prices. There’s more than one Jimmy John’s on campus, a testament to how well-loved the sandwich shop is. The most notable locations for Jimmy John’s are the locations at 601B W Green Street, Champaign and on 807 S Lincoln Avenue, Urbana.

In addition to sandwiches, there’s also an option to order sides. These include pickles, assorted chips and cookies and drinks.

“My usual order is the Vegetarian, easy on the mayo,” commented Kristin Walters, a grad student at U of I. “And sometimes I order a pickle.”

Wendell Thomas, an undergrad at U of I, agreed that the Turkey Tom was one of his favorites, while Maria Henriquez, undergrad, chose the Vito sandwich.

Jimmy John’s Company Spokesperson Nathan Louer commented, “The #9 Italian Night Club is popular with the guys and the #4 Turkey Tom is popular with the girls. Students really love the chips. They help to fill you up without breaking the bank.”

Jimmy John’s has delivery options ranging from orders online and phone orders. The online system is convenient, appealing to the eye and takes you step-by-step through all the sandwich options so as to ensure you get the sandwich that best suits you. It is safe to assume that a lot of JJ’s delivery success can be attributed to this easy, customizable process — after all, when there are papers to be written and the roommate took the car again, quick delivery to your doorstep is always a positive.

And the delivery is certainly fast, just as its slogan guarantees: “Freaky Fast Delivery.”

When asked if there were any challenges in delivering to places on campus as opposed to delivering to non-campus locations, Nathan Louer replied, “We pride ourselves on delivery and also on great in-store experience. Delivering to campus presents its own unique set of issues and benefits. On campus, we can use bike delivery, which is better for the environment and easier to park, but as you can imagine, it is a very active environment with a lot going on.”

Finally, we asked Nathan if JJ’s had any funny delivery stories from students that work as Jimmy John’s deliverers: “Delivering to students late at night is sometimes difficult as some students are occasionally asleep when their sandwich arrives. Probably from studying too hard!”

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