You know what’s an amazing concept?  Hotels.

I mean, you go to a restaurant when you’re too tired to cook for yourself or when you feel like being treated to a form of attainable luxury.  Somewhere that, for an hour, takes everything out of your hands and allows you to just sit back and enjoy yourself.

Hotels are the same way, except instead of just giving you food, they take care of everything in your life, and they do this for literally as long as you want.  Hotels are basically parents that you pay for.  And for my money, there’s no one I’d rather be raised by than the Hyatt Place.

Located in downtown Champaign, this monument to modern comfort is the perfect place to stay during a visit to campus.  Rooms are equipped not only with beds that are better described as miniature clouds but also with pull-out sleeper sofa’s, 42” HD TVs and free WiFi.  You know what that all adds up to?  Next time Mom or Dad come to visit, make sure they get a room at the Hyatt.  Then, finagle your way into crashing on that giant sleeper sofa and enjoy the benefits of luxury that college students rarely get to experience.

Oh, and it also happens to be the official partner of Fighting Illini Athletics.  So during your stay you can pretend that you’re a stud college athlete.  I mean, if you stay at the same hotel that Ezekiel Elliott does this weekend, who’s to say you can’t also be a frontrunner for the Heisman? (Other than you know, talent, or whatever.)

Either way, at least you can rest easy knowing that you and Urban Meyer will both be enjoying the same delicious continental breakfast that the Hyatt offers free of charge.  There’s also a Coffee to Cocktails bar, ensuring that no matter what time it is, the Hyatt has got you covered.

Basically, if you can afford it, you’d be better off forgoing an apartment lease for next year and just living at the Hyatt full time instead.  I mean hey, it basically comes with its own meal plan if you ration breakfast properly.  Besides, there’s no way it’s more expensive than the dorms.

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