C-U’s favorite Korean restaurant for 2015 is the authentic, homey Woori Jib. This restaurant provides the community with a bold, spicy experience and cuisine with a unique kick. Typical Korean fare consists of rice, vegetables and meat served in a stone bowl or within a soup, and Woori Jib certainly delivers all the authentic staples, including bulgogi, which is by far the most popular dish on the menu. Woori Jib’s fiery beef bulgogi is very traditional and is served hot.

Another appeal is the versatile nature of the restaurant. Woori Jib is convenient for groups of friends to have dinner at or for students to stop in during a short break. Junior Eleanore Yoon said, “The food is pretty good compared to other campus Korean restaurants. I’m always satisfied with what I get here, and the service is pretty fast.”

Furthermore, Woori Jib’s menu is simple and includes pictures for those who want to try new items. According to junior Lina Tan, in comparison to the other Korean restaurants on campus, Woori Jib has many more options on their menu, has a lot of seating and offers large portion sizes. Woori Jib has many aspects and options that appeal to customers. The enticing food makes this restaurant one of the town’s favorites. Woori Jib differentiates itself by adding no frills and simply allowing customers to enjoy true Korean flavors.

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