In a surprise win, Andy Moreillon, known by his stage name “Andy Mo,” has been chosen as the best local artist, rising above the likes of C-U music heroes Elsinore to claim the top spot.

Moreillon has been performing in the Champaign-Urbana community for over a decade, playing  both solo shows as well as with the Andy Mo band. The band recently put out an album called Andy Mo & The Dead Possums, which combines grunge with ska and reggae influences.

Moreillon said that there are multiple things that make his music unique.

“I try to keep it light, even if it’s heavy,” he said. “Even if I’m going for a sad vibe, I still want it to be a little bit light-hearted, I guess. I won’t really try and rip your heart out, but I’ll get there! My style of singing is a little different too. I kind of married the soul thing with everything from rock too.”

In addition, Moreillon attributes much of his growth as an artist to the local scene as a whole.

“I’m humbled and honored every time I get to go out and check out some of the local bands here; this whole town is just covered with all different genres of amazing musicians, and if I were to say they hadn’t rubbed off on me one way or another, I’d be lying.”

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