Patricia’s is a local adult boutique dedicated to improving the sexual health and well-being of the Champaign community. Part of a small chain of Midwestern boutiques, Patricia’s firmly believes that sexual health is an important part of mental and physical health, and there should be services that openly support and cater to those needs.

The employees at Patricia’s actively work to dispel the notion that sex stores or adult boutiques are shameful or deviant. Upon opening in January of this year, the store has been well-received by the community and lauded for its professionalism and comfortable atmosphere. The store is well-lit and clean, the workers are professional and well-researched, and the toys are up to date and of medical grade material.

Anyone over 18 can go into the store and ask questions they would not feel comfortable leaving up to their friends or a search engine. The employees are friendly and able to answer questions with informed, judgement-free responses. One of the most important aspects of providing quality service is understanding a wide range of comfort levels among customers, and being prepared to deal with everything from nervous giggles to fellow enthusiasts.

Patricia’s manager said that she has helped a wide range of customers: women who have never orgasmed, men troubled with performance anxiety, couples who are interested in branching out and college students who want to explore their own sexuality.  She also noted that more openness about sex, both in personal conversations and in the media, have greatly helped the sex industry improve their products and customers feel more comfortable trying new things. 

At Patricia’s, you can find gag gifts, books, lingerie, sex toys and even voice operated vibrators. Patricia’s also reaches out to the local community through events like Pride and local women’s shows and organizations. 

Patricia’s is located at 2208 S. Neil Street, Champaign. Visit or call (217) 607-1237 for updates.

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