The Beauty Shop has recently become one of my favorite bands after I heard about their reunion show at the recently transformed High Dive to The Accord. Originating from Champaign, this band has the perfect combination of acoustic guitar and rock. Definitely the perfect kind of band for central Illinois. Others songs to check out: “Paper Hearts for Josie” and “Monsters”. – Ryan Graves

The newest release from Ringo Deathstarr really caught me off guard. This band had not been on my radar for awhile, so Pure Mood was a pleasant surprise that I ended up adding to my favorite releases of 2015. The album incorporates some pretty wild guitar effects that really give each song it’s own unique flavor. Booming, fuzzy riffs draw huge inspiration from 90s rock heavyweights like My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth. Pure Mood unexpectedly captivated me throughout its entirety. – Jack Kelly

This classic Noah And The Whale song serves as an important reminder to everyone, especially during finals time. Running low on money for the semester? Life goes on. Dealing with difficult group project members? Life goes on. Realizing you’re in the wrong major? Life goes on. Bombing a final? L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. – Michelle McCracken

Do people still listen to emo? The genre’s popularity has definitely taken a big hit since the late 90s and early 2000s, but there’s still definitely a smaller sect of devoted emo fans and bands that have been trying to revive the movement. And that might be exactly what The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die have done with their September release Harmlessness, which is undoubtedly the best emo record of 2015. While almost every song on the album is excellent, “Wendover” is an instant classic. It’s one of the quieter and sweeter songs on the record, with minimal distortion on the guitars and a pretty simple melody, but the writing is just so damn good that everything manages to come together beautifully. The band also manages to transition between the previous track (“Mental Health”), Wendover, and the subsequent song (“We Need More Skulls”) fantastically. This will become a cult classic among TWIABP fans for sure, but it deserves much, much more. – Michael Semaca

I recently caught myself saying, “this is my favorite part” while listening to The Bangles’ “Eternal Flame”. I never thought I would have a “favorite part” of “Eternal Flame”, but here we are. In case you’re wondering: my favorite part comes in at 1:05. – Christine Pallon

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