Whether you’re a fan of sour cream and onion, honey barbeque or plain old classic flavor, potato chips are the king of satisfying snack foods. To be honest there’s just nothing quite like opening a fresh bag of perfectly crisp, salty potato chips and preparing to binge watch the television show of your choice—and what better time to do exactly that than National Potato Chip Day? That’s right guys, National Potato Chip Day is fast approaching this March 14, and you don’t want to be unprepared, so get ready by learning a thing or two about potato chip lore.

The first known inventor of the potato chip was an Englishman named William Kitchiner. His popular 1822 cookbook smartly suggested slicing potatoes into thin rounds and frying them in nothing less artery-clogging than lard. Another man by the name of George Crum is often cited as the first inventor of potato chips as well. Apparently in 1852, Crum owned a restaurant and was dealing with a difficult customer who kept requesting thinner and thinner slices of potato.  Finally, the irritated Crum sent out a wafer thin piece of potato seasoned simply with salt. Of course, the dish was a hit with said cranky customer, and eventually gained widespread acclaim. Either way, by 1910 America’s very first potato chip company titled “Mike-sell’s Potato Chip Company” was up and running, and by 1932 Ohio based salesman Herman Lay had created the Lay’s brand chips that we know and love today.

Currently, the variety of potato chips out there is at its peak diversity, so odds are that no matter how weird your personal preferences are there is most likely a potato chip marketed specifically towards you. Prefer wavy ridges, ultra-crunchy kettle cooked, unnecessarily fancy lattice cut or Pringles style to regular chips? You got it! Have you ever found yourself craving some tangy wasabi ginger potato chips or perhaps a chocolate covered chip? No problem. There’s even a creamy garlic Caesar salad flavored chip for anyone trying to watch their weight (although I somehow don’t think this is a very good diet food…). There are even some notable international flavors such as hot chili squid (dude, what?), English roast beef & Yorkshire pudding and India’s “Mint Mishchief” flavor.  Personally, I believe the way to go is a nice simple bag of kettle cooked salt and pepper potato chips. Still, no matter what your tastes, be sure to participate in National Potato Chip Day this March 14, and for those of you who are real fanatics be sure to check out this dope potato chip of the month subscription service. Cheers!

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