Lately I haven’t been able to stop listening to “Clair de Lune” by Flight Facilities. The nearly eight-minute song features musical themes from Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” if you listen hard enough. Featured singer Christine Hoberg’s voice echoes over the somber chords as the song takes you on an emotional, yet, somehow peaceful journey. If you really want to be thrown for a loop, check out the music video and see if you can figure out the real meaning behind the song. – Anika Nims

Earlier this week, Spotify released The Beatles’ Anthology albums. As big of a Beatles fan I am, I’ve actually never listened to the Anthology albums. The Anthology is filled with all sorts of recordings of performances, outtakes, and different song versions. As someone who loves old authentic historical stuff, I thought this was awesome. “Anthology 2” probably has my favorite collection of tracks. The music already has a special place in my heart, but there is just something magical about hearing the boys’ conversation after a take or how they react after messing up a part of the song. You also get to listen to how some of the songs grew and came to be. There is ton of fun stuff to listen through, and it is just a great time. – Erick Arzate 

I’ve been really digging DIIV’s second LP “Is The Is Are” since it dropped in February. Its got strong lead and rhythm guitars and is backed up by a unique, defining quality: DIIV’s signature, irresistibly catchy mix of psychedelic rock and dream pop. The album isn’t the reinvention of rock music like frontman Zachary Cole Smith said it would be, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad rock album. At all. Great tracks like “Under The Sun” make “Is The Is Are” into one of the best rock albums of the year so far. – Michael Semaca

I haven’t listened to much Asher Roth after “Retrohash”, but I was a really big fan when “Pabst & Jazz” was released. “Not Meant 2 Be” reminds me about how hard it is to succeed. In light of fast approaching finals, I’m trying to connect with times when I persevered, despite life’s obstacles. When I was in high school, high school things were so stressful, but now I wish I had that stress level back. – Wendell Thomas

If I was ever going to mug someone or rob a bank, I would just put this song on in my creepy windowless van as I pulled up. No shouting or screaming would be necessary at all and everyone would know what was going on. Also, a very cool band that’ll be at this years Warped Tour, definitely worth checking out. Their song “Heart Shaped Guitar” comes in at a close second on my list. – Ryan Graves

It’s Mom’s Weekend and on Friday I discovered a band called Mothers. Coincidence? Unlikely. I can’t seem to find a recorded version of this song anywhere, however this Audiotree session is without blemish. The singer’s voice is a perfect mixture of Angel Olsen and Frances from Hop Along, two incredible vocalists that have beenfor about a year now. “Fat Chance” is exactly how I like my songs: delicate and steady before suddenly spiraling out of control – Jack Kelly

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