Come the start of the school year, my fellow students have begun to gear up for an eventful year. Red solo cups are stacked up, beer runs are frantically made, and Kam’s reopens its freshly cleaned doors (a joke, but one can dream). Meanwhile, on the other side of the quad, our local thespians prepare to provide students with entertainment of a different variety.

This year’s plethora of theatre groups have formed an exciting lineup of plays including; Dracula, Bob’s Date, The Foreigner, The Tempest, and The White Devil. Furthermore, the University’s theatre department also presents Impulse 2016.

For those who are unfamiliar, Impulse 2016 is an annual mini-festival that provides student playwrights, actors, and directors the opportunity to create a complete, ten-minute production, in the span of 24 hours. Notable favorites from last year’s performance include John Lattanzi’s comical tale of a drunken college student’s encounter with a goat (who has an extreme fascination with the student’s pants), as well as Jessica Elliot’s Noir-esque play about a professor’s investigation into a student’s stolen paper (SPOILER: The culprit – A local “dime”). This year’s Impulse has us wrapped in anticipation, as we wait to see what sleep-deprived, caffeine-driven students will come up with.

As for the other upcoming productions, the protagonist of the New Revel Players’ Bob’s Date resonates strongly with every young college student who spends their weekends at the library (a far larger number than one would expect). The play consists of numerous abstract factors that characterize the main character prior to his date (his first after a few years of playing “hard to get”). These factors include “Nerves”, “Memory”, and my personal favorite, “Bull”.

The New Revel Players will follow-up Bob’s Date with the more well-known Dracula, courtesy of Bram Stoker, in honor of everyone’s favorite holiday: Halloween. A quick recap, Dracula follows the emigration of Count Dracula from Transylvania to the land of “new opportunities” (ie. New blood), England. Here, Dracula is caught by Professor Van Helsing, whilst in the midst of extending his lineage.

The What You Will Shakespeare company satiates the craving of every bibliophile, with a taste of Bill Shakespeare. They will be putting on a production of The Tempest, claimed by many to be the last play penned solely by Shakespeare. The Tempest follows Prospero as he attempts to reinstate his daughter (Miranda), in the political sphere of Milan, using a variety of magical tricks.

The Foreigner is yet another intriguing play by Larry Shue. British demolition expert, “Froggy” LeSeuer passes his shy friend Charles off as a foreigner (so that the man might avoid the terrifying task of conversing with strangers). However, his shyness proves to be beneficial as his companions spill the details to secret plots (unaware of Charles firm grasp of their language).

The upcoming theatre season seems to be a rather entertaining compilation of numerous diverse works. Once again, it seems that our Thespian friends will be sure to transport us to numerous different realms, as we avoid the drudgery of the everyday.

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