In our present world of ever evolving technology, we forget the joy of a simple book. Like a journey, books are printed to take us from this world to the next, aiding us in our own journey as we learn from the fictional and nonfictional characters that we meet.

Jane Addams has won Best Bookstore, for obvious reasons. Originally opened in 1984, after Flora Faraci left Chicago (where she had opened the very first Jane Addam’s bookstore during the 70’s). Farce sold the shop to Susan and Don Elmore prior to retiring, that the multistory bookstore’s manager, Judy Elmore, now runs it.

When asked about her fondest memory, Judy spoke of assisting customers as they searched for gifts. She continues with, “That is hard but probably my fondest memory is when we sold a first edition The Great Gatsby to a mother who wanted to give it to her son who had just graduated from the U of I and had often talked about the book and how cool it was”.

As an enormous bibliophile who’s waiting for it to be legal to wed property, so I might marry a bookstore, Jane Addams was an obvious choice for this year’s competition. It’s incredibly well stocked for readers with various interests, and is a must see for those who are yet to go!

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