Fashion, the latest trends, and great customer service – Circles Boutique has it all! Its noticeable fashion caused it to be voted the best boutique clothing store in our Best of CU awards.

Danelle Jameson is the manager of Circles Boutique, and due to the size of the business she ends up wearing plenty of different hats. “Going to markets, visiting showrooms, buying the merchandise, making sure it gets here as ordered, hanging, steaming and displaying everything on the floor and in the windows…[are] all included in my job description” Jameson says. She works non-stop as Circles’ only employee, and keeps the store running smoothly all on her own. But, her favorite part of being the manager is building relationships with customers.

The personal connection Jameson builds with the customers is one of the main draws of Circles Boutique. This is done by assisting them personally as well as sending emails, and calling them in order to inform them of order status. Jameson also goes the extra mile for her customers. When talking about how well she knows her customers, Jameson says, “a lot of times something will come in that I believe a certain person would love.” She urges honesty with customers in order to maintain strong personal relationships, promoting buying clothing to fill a wardrobe that will last for years, instead of trendy pieces that will be out of style by next season.

In regards to the future of Circles. Jameson emphasizes her interest in designing, creating a men’s store, as well as numerous other ideas. It seems that Circles is on an incredible track, given the store’s creativity and popularity, making it a clear choice as winner for best boutique clothing store.

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