Defending champion Cracked has once again won the title of Best Food Truck. The popular mobile destination is more than well known for it’s egg based concoctions that are good any time of the day. Many enjoy them as a quick and easy lunch, but they have equal popularity as a late night indulgence.

If you have never tried this C-U classic, we implore you to give it a shot. They can be found around lunch time at both Goodwin and Nevada, and Mathews and Springfield. For a late night bite, they are usually outside of Joe’s Pub and Brewery peddling their wares to those participating in a little night life.

Their menu is short and concise, with favorites like the Sloppy Jose (a fried egg, chorizo, guacamole, hash browns and bacon onion jam all served on a toasted brioche bun) and the Hungry Chief (a burrito with chorizo, hash browns, scrambled eggs, green peppers, onions and pepper jack cheese). They also serve a number of tater tot options including parmesan truffle and sweet potato tots.

This twist on breakfast is delivered with a whimsical attitude, out of trucks nicknamed “Bill Murray” and “Ron Swanson,” with bright colorful images of breakfast food adorning their sides. It’s a welcome sight for any student on campus, whether they’re leaving a bar after last call, or making the long walk to the quad on a chilly January morning. Whatever the situation, they know that a Cracked sandwich and a cup of their locally roasted coffee will go a long way towards warming (or sobering) them up.

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