In the Best of CU races, where the lead of various businesses had changed hands time and time again, the fact that a record store called Exile on Main Street has been able to maintain it’s first place prize three years running is no fluke. Since its opening in 2004, it has won the Best Record Store award almost every year. This has been made possible by the owner Jeff Brandt’s long experience of working in record stores. By moving to a bigger store situated in an old train station building in the fall of 2014, the store was able to expand their inventories of LPs, CDs, tapes, and video games. Exile on Main St also shares its space with Dandelion Vintage, a fun shop that that sells vintage and used clothing as well as costumes.

The eye-catching feature of the store is the 10-foot-long stage that resembles Side A of the Rolling Stones record the store takes its name from. Many talented artists such as Ride, Kelley Deal, Damien Jurado, Owen, Lonely Trailer, Thoughts Detecting Machines and Motes have performed on the stage, and Exile on Main St emphasizes that the stage is open to any local musicians as well.

The store deserves a big thumbs-up for its interaction with the locals, which is perhaps the biggest reason why the store has been so popular among Best of CU voters. It has developed good relationships with the locals by always offering to order records by request. Moreover, it buys various goods like used LPs, CDs, & cassettes, video games used turntables (the store even offers to buy used stereo equipment and gaming consoles). If you want to know more about the store, follow them on Facebook and check out their teaser of each week’s new releases.

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San Kim

I am an international student from South Korea and have a passion for learning American music culture. I also have a passion for criticizing K-pop music, but I do admit that I listen to it sometimes because K-pop idols are pretty. My ultimate goal is to learn all slangs that exist in the United States so that I can understand hip-hop lyrics 100% and lip-sync them with cool hip-hop hand gestures that correspond to the lyrics. Go K-indie!

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