As a foreigner to the land of kink, Patricia’s has never been my store of choice, however, that’s not necessarily the case for many of our readers (props, pun very much intended, to you). However, for those that do wish to seek out new information about sex in a judgement-free zone, Patricia’s offers a safe haven.

Opened in 2014, the store’s been a favorite of many locals. Part of a small group of Midwestern stores, it’s known for its vast merchandise as well as the employees helpfulness in the bedroom department. Many customers typically ask employees questions in regards to how to illicit climactic pleasure, product usage, and other ways to sexually evolve.

This willingness from employees to answer customer questions really sets Patricia’s apart, both from other sex shops, and from typical conceptions about what sex shops will be like. By breaking down stigmas about sexuality, Patricia’s helps to further the idea that sexual health plays a large role in mental and physical health.

If you’re just looking for the merchandise though, Patricia’s doesn’t disappoint. The store contains products predominantly oriented towards bondage and self-pleasure, including under the bed restraints, paddles, blindfolds, as well as a beginner’s bondage kit for the newbies. If you’re just looking for a quick gag gift for a friend, or some new lingerie, Patricia’s has that as well.

This is the store’s second year winning best sex shop, deeming it a true local favorite.

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