Not even Trinity Taylor can be saved from having a bad date.

Taylor is a drag queen who starred in the ninth season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

“Years ago,” Taylor said, “when Grindr became a thing … I had chatted with this guy for on and off for maybe a week … and when I met him he was nothing like his picture.”

Her date was immediately ruined by the revelation that this man had lied to her right off the bat.

While no one is safe from the fake pictures on a profile, there are ways to make dating (and first dates) less traumatic and nerve-racking.

Taylor’s first suggestion:

“Don’t lie.”

After finding out her date wasn’t the man in the pictures, she said any possible connection went out the window because of the date’s lie.

Taylor also recognized the nerves everyone experiences before a first date. The best way to calm these nerves, for Taylor, is to approach the initial meeting with a friendship perspective in mind.  

“Go into it wanting to be a friend to whoever you’re dating,” Taylor said. “If you’re not their friend … it won’t work out in the long run.”

If you choose to wear makeup on a date, Taylor suggested to keep it simple instead of going extravagant lengths to make an impression.

“(Enhance) what you want to showcase,” Taylor said. “You want someone to fall in love with you, not a facade of you.”

For drag queens, though, dating can be complex even with honesty as the top priority.

Taylor noted how there’s still a fair amount of prejudice against queens, which can affect the dating scene.

“Within the gay community, there is a lot of prejudice against lots of different aspects: drag queens, people who don’t fit into the masculine role or personality, or someone who doesn’t go to the gym every day,” Taylor said.

She emphasized how people are generally afraid of things they don’t understand, and this is no exception for the LGBTQ community. While Taylor has had “great luck dating,” she’s also had “several friends who have had horrible luck.”

Anyone can have a good date. Likewise, anyone can have a horrible date. The best way to do one’s part in avoiding the latter, though, is to follow Taylor’s advice by showing up as you really are and being honest from the get-go.

Stick to Taylor’s insight, and if you’re about to have the first encounter with someone, hopefully you’ll move onto the second date in no time.


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