This super sugary-sweet playlist wishes for summer days during these April rain showers. The songs are layered with R&B vocals, pop synths and punk beats: perfect to start your day with an upbeat but enjoyable kick or help you power through a slow afternoon. buzz has curated the perfect blend of familiar voices and newer artists to help your ears stay perked up and keep your body moving, even during your rainy commute to class. During the last few weeks of the semester at Illinois and the dreary weather, we hope people can listen to this playlist and feel relaxed to think of happier, sunnier days ahead. There is light at the end of this spring tunnel!

About The Author

Emily Pease

Hey, I’m Emily-Nicole and I’m a Marketing major at the University of Illinois Gies College of Business. I spend most of my time keeping up to date with emerging music and watching Bob’s Burgers.

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