Shane Guerrette's self-titled album is a blast from the past
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Shane Guerrette’s self-titled EP is, undoubtedly, a blast from the past.

“My inspiration is mainly the eclectic range of music that I listen to and I grew up on,” Guerrette said. “A lot of the older stuff, like the ’60s and ’70s.”

The four-song EP harkens back to the days when blues and rock were still largely predominant genres, sounding as though it could’ve come straight out of the ’60s and ’70s. Influenced by the greats, Guerrette’s created an EP that reinvigorates the rock and blues genres, adding a modern flair while maintaining its roots.

“I love blues and rock … I really love the sound of those old records … that’s where the heart is,” Guerrette said.

The EP has plenty of heart, and with Guerrette’s inspiration, there’s no surprise it does. He loves the greats, the top performers of classic rock and blues; performers who put everything into their music.

When asked what inspired his debut album, Guerrette said, “I really love B.B. King, Peter Green from Fleetwood Mac … I love ZZ Top, the Allman Brothers Band, stuff like that.”

Without a doubt, Guerrette’s self-titled EP is something his idols would be proud of.

His music brings back the sounds of their era, while also refining it and making it his own. On songs like “Nomadic Soul” and “Runaway Blues,” the listener can hear the references to those he has been influenced by, molding the sound into a hybrid of the classics of yesterday and a more modern day sound.

Excitingly, Guerrette even had the chance to work with Bob Cutarella, a producer known for his work with artists like Les Paul and Eric Clapton.

“It’s surreal to even be associated with him,” he said.

While his debut is short, the four songs off of the EP are strong, clear examples of Guerrette’s musical talent, especially on the guitar.

“I’ve been playing since I was 14,” he said. “That’s probably my favorite part (of the album writing process,) coming up with a new riff or a new chord progression.”

His love for the guitar is equal to his talent. Each song features stunning, sweeping melodies on the instrument that sound absolutely effortless. The riffs and chords, too, add an extra layer of depth, deepening the sound and enhancing it for the audience. Most of the time, Guerrette even starts the songwriting process with a guitar in hand.

“I’m either writing lyrics or playing guitar to start a song. Most of the time its guitar and that’s probably my favorite part of the process because, you know, that’s my main instrument,” he said.

His writing process typically begins with a riff or a chord progression.

“Once I have that — that’s the backbone of the song — I’ll create a melody to layer on top and once I have that I’ll add lyrics,” Guerrette said.

While Guerrette’s instrumental talent is clear, it’s entirely necessary to discuss his vocals, which only serve to highlight the hybridized rock-blues sound he’s created on this EP. His voice is gritty and breathy, capturing the essence of the rock musicians who came before him. It’s impressive, really; Guerrette could have stepped out of a time machine with a voice such as his.

Guerrette’s self-titled EP is perfect for fans of a classic rock sound. He’s blended modernity and the past cleanly, entwining them together in a way that makes for a near-perfect blend of sound.

But what’s in store for the future?

“Every day I’m writing a new song. I have so many songs I need people to hear,” Guerrette said. “I feel like my music has a place in the world.”

Shane Guerrette’s self-titled EP will be released on Friday on all major platforms.

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