What came first: the chicken or the egg? Another age-old question that is on the minds of hungry University students on campus is, “Which is better? The Cracked food truck or the restaurant?”

Who will win this breakfast food face-off? The Cracked food truck and the restaurant are faced head-to-head in this egg-celent review.

The Restaurant

The Cracked: the Egg Came First food truck has been serving unique breakfast sandwiches, soups, wraps and rich tater tot combos since 2012, when a University graduate opened it. The storefront on Green Street opened in 2017 with a similar but expanded menu.

When walking into the Cracked restaurant, if it is a popular time, you are most likely going to be greeted by a long line of students eager for their greasy morning fix. The restaurant is full of bright colors and lively, poppy music. However, the vibe of the restaurant on a Saturday morning is the exact opposite. On weekends, the Cracked restaurant is chock-full of tired students, most likely with sunglasses on, looking for a quick meal before diving back into bed.

As for the menu, any hungry attendee cannot go wrong with the “Morning Bender” sandwich: an egg sandwich layered with hash browns, cheddar cheese and slathered in cream cheese. There is an extra charge to add bacon, and it is so worth it.

Although the wait can be occasionally timely, it is also a great place for a casual breakfast with friends. On the other hand, if you are more of a night owl, the Green Street location is open until 3 a.m. Whether you find yourself out searching for a quick bite after a rigorous night at the Undergraduate Library or a tiring night out, the Cracked store can be the solution.

The Food Truck

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned from being a University student is learning to save half of my Cracked sandwich and heat it up in the morning before class. This quick trick provides a grab-and-go breakfast for any college student. However, if you don’t already have a sandwich in your possession, you can find the Cracked food truck at a myriad of locations around campus.

It is often parked near popular student hot spots, which makes the truck ideal for students heading to or from classes. Typically, there isn’t a long wait at the truck, which makes it appealing over the restaurant for many. The food served at the truck is basically indistinguishable from the brick and mortar location, but the experience is more unique.

There is something to be said about the joy of spotting the vibrant truck on the street and getting a warm sandwich or a pile of sloppy tater tots from it. I think the restaurant is more convenient if you are on Green Street looking for a bite, but the truck offers a fun experience that is unbeatable.

Getting your breakfast fix from a food truck appeals to the trendsetter in everyone. This also offers food truck-goers endless options; you can put the uniquely painted truck on your Instagram story, tell your family and friends you just got breakfast from a food truck, the list goes on. The Cracked food truck offers a distinctive alternative to the classic breakfasts that we are all used to and unexcited about.

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