Imagine you’re walking away from the bars at 2 a.m. with the squad. You’re really hungry, but most of the restaurants on Green Street are closed. You can either walk around and see what’s open or wait for delivery at home while you’re watching a funny meme compilation. So what do you do? Luckily, Campustown offers many late-night options that can satisfy any greasy craving.


McDonald’s can be chaotic, especially if you go after midnight. During the weekend, a swarm of people pours in after a night at the bars in order to get a quick fix of some tasty food that’s terrible for your health. Usually, waiting in lines sucks, but after-midnight McDonald’s is a sight to be seen. Sometimes, there’s a random stereo that plays ’90s R&B. Other times, there are “way too drunk” characters that stumble in, so you can take the opportunity to make fun of the people who get too excited about receiving chicken nuggets.


For those who love greasy Chinese food but also love to save money, Chopstix is the place to be, especially for any late-night eating needs. It closes at 3 a.m. on weekdays and 3:30 a.m. on weekends, but delivery is probably the best option due to its lack of proximity to the bars. Late-night vegans can also chow down as well.

Jimmy Johns

Jimmy Johns has made a reputation for being freaky fast, so this is also a great delivery option for a cold sandwich on a late night. It has some great healthy options as well — the Unwich, which has lettuce for bread, will make up for consuming the daily carb recommendation at the bars. But who are we kidding? You’re obviously going to get a JJBLT with extra cheese.

Burrito King

We obviously need to have some Mexican food on this list. The tacos at Burrito King are a million times better than what they pass off as a taco in the dining halls. If you’re not a sour cream person, let them know to hold it. Otherwise, when you open your styrofoam package, your order will be lathered.

Insomnia Cookies

Though you can’t get a full meal here, there’s never a bad time for dessert. Insomnia has offerings like cookies, ice cream and an ice cream sandwich made out of cookies. There’s no wrong answer when deciding from the Insomnia menu.

Merry Ann’s Diner

This sit-down diner is open 24/7 and, compared to the rest of the places on the list, Merry Ann’s is the only place where you can get breakfast at any time of the day without judgment. The best way to go there is with friends. While you’re waiting for your food, you can engage in some good old conversation about classes, movies and why water isn’t wet. Merry Ann’s has multiple locations around the C-U area, so no matter where the night began, you can always wind up at a Merry Ann’s. 

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