The bubble tea game in Campustown is strong and thanks to the wide variety of offerings, the talent runs deep. Many students question the need for so many bubble tea options, and those concerns are certainly valid, especially when you consider the lack of other dining options on campus. But if you enjoy bubble tea, it’s worth checking out each location where it’s sold on campus because of their unique vibes and offerings.

Latea Bubble Tea Lounge

Latea offers a simple menu of classic milk and fruit tea flavors as well as some pastry options and their signature seasoned fries.  Their tea flavors are consistent and strong, and customers can order their drink to their specific taste. It’s a welcoming and airy atmosphere, but seating is limited, so it’s best for an on-the-go visit.

Location: 601 S. Sixth St. #105, Champaign

Kung Fu Tea

Located on Sixth Street between John and Green streets, Kung Fu Tea is unique in that all of their milk teas are made with non-dairy milk. But don’t let that scare you away if you’re a dairy aficionado. There’s something for everyone at Kung Fu Tea, as they offer a wide range of flavors and drinks like slushes, yogurt drinks and provide a bubble tea recipe that’s different from the other Green Street offerings, but still authentic and high quality. It also has the most extensive food menu of all the bubble tea shops on campus, so it’s a great spot to hit for a fresh, tasty meal.

Location: 707 S. Sixth St., Suite 107, Champaign


When Teamoji opened last fall, taking the coveted Green Street storefront previously occupied by Mashawi Grill, there was some grumbling from the campus community about the necessity of yet another bubble tea shop. But Teamoji quickly distinguished itself among the deep competition by adding a unique element to the campus bubble tea game: the cheese float, a drink topping with the flavor of a salty and sweet cheesecake and the consistency of mousse. If a cheese float doesn’t sound appetizing, Teamoji offers many classic bubble tea options. Plus, their Signature Fruit tea is one of the most delightfully refreshing (albeit expensive) drinks available on campus.

Location: 617 E. Green St., Champaign

Taipei Cafe

Taipei Cafe is one of the newer bubble tea spots in Campustown, but because of its odd location in the back of the former Daily Illini offices, it often goes unnoticed. Like Latea, Taipei Cafe offers a classic selection of fruit and milk teas that can be customized to your individual taste, but its menu expands to smoothies and food options. The sleek lounge atmosphere is welcoming and good for socializing, so it’s worth a trek.

Location: 512 E. Green St., Champaign

Caffe Bene

Thanks to its central location on Green Street and relaxed coffee shop aesthetic, Caffe Bene provides students an opportunity to enjoy their bubble tea in an environment that’s cohesive to studying or meeting up with friends. It offers seven different bubble tea flavors, a departure from the extensive menus of the other locations, including Thai, taro and a selection of fruit flavors. But unlike the other locations, Caffe Bene doesn’t primarily serve bubble tea. Its menu includes lattes, brewed coffee and coffee shop treats. If you frequent Caffe Bene, be sure to download the Hooked app since they regularly offer deals on bubble tea drinks and coffee.

Locations: 524 E. Green St., Champaign

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