Album review: 'Come Over to My House' by Herizen
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Herizen’s debut EP, “Come Over to My House,” will have your ear yearning for more by the time the last song finishes.

Herizen, better known to most as Mylene Cruz on Netflix’s “The Get Down,” has held her own in the music industry. She’s been featured on “The Get Down’s” soundtrack, Absofacto’s “Thousand Peaces” EP, and was also on the soundtrack for “Give me Future,” a documentary about EDM legends Major Lazer.

“Come over to My House,” though, is her first solo-debut, and boy, does it shine. Each of the seven tracks on the EP is incredible. For every song, the listener wants to hear more — more of the relaxing backing tracks, and more of Herizen’s beautiful voice.

“Come over to My House” occupies an interesting space in the sphere of pop music. It’s simultaneously upbeat and soothing — largely due to the mix of Herizen’s entrancing vocals and the uplifting, sometimes quick backing track. Still, the album manages to keep a calm and relaxing vibe with each song. Sit in bed, dim the lights and devote yourself entirely to listening to Herizen serenade you with each passing moment.

This is an EP best enjoyed when you have the time to sit back, relax, and listen to it all the way through—it deserves every moment of your attention as you listen to the seamless blend of vocals and instruments. Appreciate how each song blends beautifully with one another, and appreciate the order in which the songs are presented. Before putting it on shuffle, try giving it a listen as it’s intended. It only enhances the listening experience.

The song order, backing tracks, and chill vibes “Come Over to My House” gives off all make for a stunning debut — but the real strength of this album comes from the vocals. Herizen’s voice is absolutely stunning. From “Social Jungle” to her final song, “Rug,” Herizen remains at her peak, hitting note after note with impeccable clarity. Every song, too, gives her the opportunity to showcase her talent — whether it’s higher notes or lower ones, she hits them all perfectly and with a sense of ease and grace that makes it sound natural, as if she were born singing and hasn’t
stopped since.

Herizen’s debut “Come Over to My House” is strong from start to finish. The backing instrumental track is wonderful, and Herizen’s voice shines in each and every song. So sit back, relax and take a get to know Herizen before she inevitably takes over the genre.

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