Once again, Maize takes the spot for Best Mexican Food – which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the beloved restaurant. Maize has been a fan favorite since its inception because of the plethora of dishes it offers and its commitment to providing fresh and authentic Mexican food. “We try to do everything as traditional as we can,” said Armando Sandoval, owner and manager of Maize. Sandoval also notes the secret ingredient that contributes to Maize’s success and the quality of its food: everything, from the tacos to the quesadillas, is served on handmade tortillas, staying true to Maize’s goal of serving nothing but authentic Mexican cuisine. “We have handmade tortillas – not a lot of people have that here in Champaign,” he said.

Maize is also a favorite because of the abundance of options it offers people who have dietary restrictions.  About 90% of the items on the menu are gluten-free, as all the tortillas are corn (hence the name, Maize). There are also plenty of vegetarian options. You can order any dish and substitute the meat with zucchini blossom or corn mushroom. At Maize, there’s something for everyone and it’s dedicated to providing the truest bite of Mexican food to its customers. “We try to do everything as fast as we can, as fresh, and as authentic as we can,” Sandoval said.

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