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“In Waves,” a brand new EP from Los Angeles band Bay Ledges, transports you right to the California coast. Produced by songwriter Zach Hurd and recorded in his home studio, “In Waves” truly feels as though it’s been actually written in the waves and on the beaches of California.

Hurd captures that very essence with spellbinding, crashing melodies that roll from one song to the next. Each song makes you forget about the cold, harsh winter approaching, instead, it brings you back to memories of summer, laying on the beach with a cold drink in hand, and not a cloud in the sky. It’s hypnotic, really, the way each song grabs your attention, forcing your mind away from the harsh realities of life.

Tracks like “Wherever You Sleep” and “I Remember” are unforgettable, relaxing beats that will remain in your ear for days. Any listener will find themselves singing along to either of these songs after the first chorus. And after that? The melodies will undoubtedly remain in your ear, asking—begging—you to listen to the EP again and again.

That’s the beauty of “In Waves.” No matter how many times you listen to it, you’re still just as eager to listen again. There’s no getting sick of the songs, no boredom. Each track is addictive, and you’ll find yourself continuing, over and over, to keep listening to the EP. You may even find yourself dancing along to the music while you’re driving in your car, or picturing the sandy beaches of California instead of the snow-covered grass. Either way, you’ll find yourself inevitably enjoying it.

With aid from collaborators like Miro Mackie, Christian Medice and Jackson Greenberg, Hurd’s tapped into the pop genre with ease, bringing synths, bright guitars and impressive vocals. All too often, we find albums that don’t make us feel, that don’t reach the depths of ourselves and tug.

“In Waves,” though, does just that. It calls to the listener, it brings back better times, it offers an escape, a journey into a better world. A brighter world.

It’s an EP that should certainly become a staple in any listener’s music library. Bay Ledges knows how to write music, and Hurd knows how to produce it. “In Waves” deserves to be heard, to be listened to, by any and all who come across it.

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