Valentine’s Day is a day that should be full of radically outspoken love shared between friends, family and everyone in between. An important part of Valentine’s Day that we celebrate, of course, with gifts we give others as small tokens of our love. It can be hard to decide exactly what’s the perfect gift, especially in situations where a relationship, friendship or otherwise, is new. Below is a handful of gift ideas, from your boyfriend to your grandma, because this Valentine’s Day everyone deserves to be reminded that you love them.

Disclaimer: chocolates, flowers or a classic old fashioned Valentine work as a great gift for anyone no matter what the relationship status! Even though these gifts are broken up into sections, they can work across the board for anyone in your life.


When you have just entered into a new relationship, it can often be difficult to decide what’s the right gift to get them for Valentine’s Day. It is a holiday in which the gifts can span from a box of chocolates and a card, to a ring. For new relationships, my recommendation is to just stick to the basic gifts. A good book, candles, a record by their favorite artist or even just ordering them a pizza shaped like a heart or buying them their favorite V-Day themed candy is a great way to show someone that you’re thinking of them and that you love them. The best part is that none of those gifts should break the bank.


For a long term friendship or relationship, the stakes for Valentine’s Day are often much higher than those of a new relationship. Individuals are anticipating love notes or homemade dinners from their partners and friends. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming to feel like this is yet another holiday where you have to outdo the rest of the competition. My advice is that we all should stop worrying so much. Any of the gifts that I mentioned for a new relationship would work just as well for a long-term one, but here are some more advanced ideas if you are looking to up the stakes this year.

A good gift idea that the two of you can enjoy together would be to find a concert or event going on in the near future that you can purchase tickets to and surprise them with. Gifts don’t always have to be materialistic things, and often those gifts that aren’t are much more rewarding. If you are looking for something more geared towards just one person, gifts such as a new pair of shoes, a hat, a piece of jewelry, makeup or skincare products are all good ideas of things to purchase for an individual you are looking to shower with love. Lastly, a homemade gift is always appreciated. Whether it’s a scrapbook, a decorated jar of their favorite candy or little notes to remind them of all the reasons you love them, just remember that there are lots of ways to show someone a token of your love this Valentine’s Day. There’s no reason to let a tight budget stop you from doing just that.


When it comes to young family members such as younger siblings, nieces, nephews or cousins, finding gifts for children can be hard. My advice is to think back to what you received on Valentine’s Day as a kid (or would have liked to receive) and try and base your gifts off of that. Nonetheless, you can’t go wrong buying kids candy, stuffed animals, books or a new movie or game they have been dying to see or play.


For the older members of your family, I always try to base my gifts more around sentimental things versus materialistic. Adults (especially grandparents) go crazy for that stuff, so look into painting a mug or picture frame at a local pottery shop or put together a scrapbook full of pictures from a family vacation and you are sure to be tugging at their heartstrings. If this doesn’t sound like your type of thing, don’t fear. Some great gift ideas for the older people in your life include mugs, alcohol accessories or products, jewelry or their favorite sports teams gear. When in doubt, rely on the previous gifts mentioned in this gift guide because no matter what you get someone in your family, they will light up knowing that you are thinking of them.

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