It’s that time of the year again, with cheesy love songs on the radio and lovey-dovey couples on Facebook. Hopefully, this festival for romantic love won’t remind you of the fact that you will probably be alone, laying on the sofa and watching Netflix for the whole day. Not the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Instead, buzz is here to help with some suggestions for living your best single life this February 14.

1. Buy yourself a gift

Since Valentine’s puts emphasis on the expression of love for someone special, what could be better than expressing love to your one and only, you! You are already in a relationship with yourself, and how you treat yourself influences your other relationships. Think of all the nights and days you have spent with yourself; that deserves a celebration. So why not use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to buy yourself something nice?

2. Go shopping and taking advantages of sales

You’re single, and you can spend all your money on yourself instead of someone else. Holiday sales are everywhere. Even better idea: go on a shopping spree with other single friends. Plus, some websites are offering discounts ahead of Valentine’s Day. So seize the chance and save up!

3. Fall back in love with dating

If you are sulking on a couch all by yourself, going through old photos of your exes—or old crushes for the ex-less -then fear not my friend, there shall be plenty of fish like you floating around. The good news for you is that all the lone wolves, the ones just like you, are probably out there hunting for prey. Get on your Tinder game, update that gorgeous selfie on Bumble, and speed match with some cuties on Grindr. You may just land yourself a date with that high school dreamboat of yours. Sounds a lot better than going through old YouTube archives, doesn’t it? The point is, don’t be afraid to ask around; be polite and don’t be too pushy, and you will soon realize everyone has a place on Valentine’s.

4. Campers delight

Grab a beer, pack your barbecue and that old Hawaiian shirt uglier than your last Christmas sweater. Drive off! Head towards the wilderness with a few friends – chances are, you all won’t make it past the nearest campsite. But simple fun is the essence here. Gather around a rack of ribs, and catch up with some banter. Wait until alcohol works its magic (obviously, buzz doesn’t condone driving under the influence), and you will realize rustic friends gathering at the country is every bit as fun as a fancy dinner with a date.

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Kaiqin Wei

Hi, my name is Kaiqin Wei. I am a junior and also a journalism student focusing in broadcasting. I joined buzz in fall 2018 as a staff writer, in which I am mainly responsible for writing reviews of albums and exploring news-worthy topics in Champaign-Urbana. buzz has provided me a platform to express my ideas towards music and movies, and I enjoy working with all great staff in the department and hope to continue to provide the community with interesting stories.

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