After a night on the town, maybe you’ll find yourself cuddling. What do you do? Let’s face it … sometimes you don’t really have the words to say it, so you can rely on touching and kissing to put words into action. You can also put on a sensual album to let them know how you feel about them in the process. Here are some albums to backtrack those hot and dirty make out sessions this coming Valentine’s Day.

The Smiths’ “The Queen Is Dead” (1986)

If you’re a mainstream chick like I am, you probably had your first exposure to The Smiths by the book/movie “Perks of Being a Wallflower.” However, once you learn more about the history of the band, you realize that Morrissey is a massive jerk. The man can sing though. People love how whimsical his vocals are in “The Queen Is Dead,” which is highly regarded as the best album The Smiths ever produced. If you’re a fan of edgy ’80s music by English people, this is perfect for you. My favorite track is “There’s a Light That Never Goes Out.” The best part is when Morrissey says, “and if a double-decker bus crashes into us, to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die.” It’s touching in the sense that it reminds people of Romeo and Juliet. It’s also pretty hilarious because that’s such an edgy and pretentious thing to say. Could you imagine saying that to someone in bed?

Daniel Caesar’s “Freudian” (2017)

Though he’s relatively new to the game, Daniel Caesar has proved himself as an R&B superstar with “Freudian.” Unlike some musicians, his steady gain of attention is deserved as he has the actual talent to back it up. If it hasn’t already, I could see “Best Part” being played at weddings for the years to come. In the song, Caesar’s and H.E.R.’s smooth and kinetic vocals come together in unison to deliver one of the most heartwarming duets about the flooding emotion of love. It almost makes you feel like a kid again and the way you “loved” your first crush. It also unites the young and old as it’s something we can understand at some time in our lives. Beyond the song, the chemistry between Daniel Caesar and the other various featured artists sets the sole purpose of what this album is about.

Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” (1973)

From Pipers at the Gates of Dawn to Endless River, Pink Floyd’s music transcends beyond their counterparts within the progressive rock movement. Though they’ve made over 14 albums within their career, the one that resonates with people the most is “Dark Side of the Moon,” and for good reason. First, it comments on how messed up human nature can be in the most relaxing way possible. And it seemed like people like the concepts enough for the album to be on the Billboard 200 for a consecutive 741 weeks (1973-1988). Second, all the songs combine kinetically to form a 45-minute piece, which makes it the perfect length of time to make out with your partner. Tracks like “Great Gig in the Sky,” “Us and Them” and “Time” are perfect like that. In any situation that involves love, friendship, or even drug taking, this album has served people for more than forty years.

SZA’s “Ctrl” (2017)

SZA has been releasing music since the mid-2010s, but the album that really placed her in the spotlight was “Ctrl.” The relaxing and almost tropical beats cover up the fact that this album is really depressing. SZA puts herself in the position of the “side-chick” who is uncomfortable with herself and tries to get validation through somebody else’s partner. It’s more heartbreaking when you figure out some of the lyrics are inspired by her true events. In “Supermodel,” SZA sings about how one of her ex’s participated in an orgy without telling her … on Valentine’s Day. In retaliation, she cheated on him with one of his best friends. This actually happened. Regardless of the melancholy anecdotes, the album has some nice bops like “Love Galore” and “Go Gina.”

The Cars’ “The Cars” (1978)

It may not be the best album in the world, but “The Cars” is responsible for bringing on the movement of new wave music, which included bands like Blondie and Talking Heads. Each song relies heavily on synth and electric guitar, which helped establish the progression of an electronic era. You have classics like “Let the Good Times Roll” and “My Best Friend’s Girl,” but, hands down, “Moving in Stereo” is the best. It seems like the song is built around whatever the bass and drums are doing in the beginning. As the song goes on, different instruments enter each measure. I always get excited when the guitars are added at the end. The song was also featured in the movie, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” during that notorious scene between Phoebe Cates and Judge Reinhold.

Childish Gambino’s “Awaken My Love” (2016)

It will always be really cool how we distinguish Childish Gambino’s music away from Donald Glover’s acting as if it’s a sign of respect. Either way, we all welcomed Childish Gambino’s change in sound with open arms when “Awaken My Love” came out. He tried to rejuvenate the funkadelic era of the 1970s by adding his own twist to appeal to younger generations, which worked. “Redbone” became one of the most beloved and meme-iest songs of 2016. Some songs are a little too chaotic when Gambino screeches; however, that adds to the soulfulness and pain he’s trying to convey to us, whether it’s a love he can’t have, paranoia or race relations. In a way, this album can be used as a means of describing the way you love your partner without saying anything. It’s a little corny, but true. Listening to the entire thing will immerse you into an unforgettable musical experience. 

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